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I need some good luck vibes (for me)

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Monday I am scheduled to go into the hospital for a ep study. For those that are not sure what it is .....

The procedure involves inserting a catheter – a narrow, flexible tube – attached to electricitymonitoring electrodes, into a blood vessel, often through a site in the groin or neck, and winding the catheter wire up into the heart.Once the catheter reaches the heart, electrodes at its tip gather data and a variety of electrical measurements are made. These data pinpoint the location of the faulty electrical site. During this “electrical mapping,” the cardiac arrhythmia specialist, an electrophysiologist, may instigate, through pacing (the use of tiny electrical impulses), some of the very arrhythmias that are the crux of the problem.Once the damaged site or sites are confirmed, the specialist may administer different medications or electrical impulses to determine their ability to halt the arrhythmia and restore normal heart rhythm. Based on this data, as well as information garnered before the study, sometimes the specialist will proceed to place an implantable cardioverter device (ICD) or a pacemaker or will perform radiofrequency ablation.

Im sure everything will go fine as i have 1 done about 4 years ago. I am still a little nervous. The last time I had it done it took 6 hours. I am hopping that they can fix whats causing my tachnicardia. I have wpw that is why they did the first one and now they are not sure if the continuing problem is from that or something different.
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I am sorry that you are having to go through this study again. Are they going to try to "zap" the area of the heart that is causing the problem, or are they looking for a new medication that will work better for your WPW? Good luck with the procedure, and hopefully they will be able to pinpoint the area that is causing your tachycardia...and figure out a remedy...
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Good luck with your procedure...I hope it all turns out okay.
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Good luck with your procedure on Monday. I will keep you in my prayers.
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Yeah if they can find the spot that is causing the problems they will "zap it". last time they found 4 different areas.
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Well, I didn't understand half the post (I'm not good with medical jargon!) but I get the basic idea. But, it doesn't matter. Sending many good vibes your way! You will be in my thoughts. I'm sure everything will be fine.
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Sending vibes your way that everything turns out good and that you don't have to go through this again!!
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Sending good luck vibes to you and hoping that everything turns out just fine.
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Clear healing light on its way to help you through the procedure... be well.
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Sending mega {{{vibes}}} for you! 6 hours, though!?! Are you awake through it?
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Yes and no. They will give me a sedative so ill pretty much be out of it or at least wont remember any of it.
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