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kitten sick andim confused on what to do!

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he still has diarhea, but only a little he doesnt go to the bathroom but once or twice a day, and it is greeen which shows im overfeeeding him, ive cut back on his feeding and diluted his formula with water. a site says to give him kaepectate (sp)? adn then i saw on another site not to give him that. im soo confused can someone who knows from experience please tell me step by step how to make his belly feel better and tell me everything i ned to buy to help him..pedialyte and anything to help his belly and tell me how to use it? thank you so much
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Coccidia and Giardia are common illnesses in orphaned and abandoned kittens, so he may have something like that. Never give kittens human medicine unless advised to by a vet. It may be worth doing a vet visit with him. If you explain that he's an orphan, they may give you a break on the costs. He's 8 days old now isn't he?
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Are you feeding him according to the charts on Kitten Rescue? If so, don't cut back his feeds or dilute his formula. Try adding just a little bit of canned pumpkin (about the size of a match head) to the first bottle of each day and see how he goes with that. It sounds like he's having trouble absorbing the formula, rather than having actual diarrhoea.
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no now he is 13 days old =) he is doing very well besides the diahrea his eyes are open he is walking but shakes, he is a great kitten just when he does poop it is green some is mushed toghtor and some is liquidy, im going to go and buy canned pumpkin today, when i feed him ive cut back to feeding him to every 4 1/2 hours and he eats about half a syringe full is that okay? should he be eating more or lesss?
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How big is the syringe? They usually come in 5cc, 10cc and 20cc. At 13 days, he needs to be fed every 4 hours until he is 3 weeks old.
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If you can, buy a kitten feeding bottle. They aren't very expensive and he will be able to latch on and suckle.

From the Kitten Rescue web site:

If you are using a bottle, the size of the hole in the nipple is critical for success. If the bottle is turned upside down and formula dribbles from the nipple, the hole is too large. Use of this nipple may cause choking and formula ending up in your kitten's lungs. If the bottle is turned upside down and formula comes out only after considerable squeezing of the bottle, the hole is too small. Use of this nipple will result in your kitten becoming discouraged and refusing to nurse. The hole is the proper size if the bottle is turned upside down and formula drips slowly from the nipple.

The nipples supplied with a nurser bottle or kits are not pierced. To pierce the nipple, wet it thoroughly inside and out with the boiled, cooled water and then heat a small pin or needle in a flame until it glows red. Quickly pierce the top of the nipple and remove the pin. Test the flow of the bottle and repeat the process if the hole is too small. Rinse the nipple thoroughly with more boiled cooled water, making sure to squeeze some water through the hole.
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hey, well yea i bought a bottle from the pet store the first day he came to me, i still have it but my boyfriend poked a hole in the nipple and its way to big it just drips out so i threw the nipple away and i kept the bottle i can go out towmorrow and buy him a bottle, i think its time for one he has gotten to the point to where he can actually suck the formula out of his syringe with out me pushing it down. i think he is doing much better now, he hasnt had his diahrea at all today =) and he isnt crying as much thanks for all your help i really appreciat you
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You're welcome.

Glad the little Vegemite is doing better today.
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