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News From The Fronts

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(This is for anyone who plays Rome: Total War or who likes games that combine empire building with RTS warfare).

After a series of victories our legions in Gaul have had some setbacks. Our alliance with Britannia ended after the barbarians unexpectedly attacked us, severing the treaty, and earning themselves the wrath of the Julii. We began a campaign at the urging of the Senate and quickly laid siege to a couple of their provinces. Upon entering their cities and taking their wealth the population was executed rather than enslaved as an example to those who smack away the hand of Roman friendship.

Recently, a couple of armies from Britannia recaptured the two provinces that were taken earlier. Fresh armies are being levied as this is being written. Rest assured that they will pay for their insolence. To add insult to injury they have also dared to lay siege to one of our major cities in the middle on Italian soil. Little do they know, the besiegers are about to become trapped as an entire army is moving up behind them. The Senate is eager to see these barbarians crucified along the Appian Way.

The war in Espana goes much better. We now have four of the five Spanish provinces under our control, with fresh troops being raised every day. There is one other province in Espana that will also need to be dealt with and it is controlled by what is left of those Carthaginian pigs. I look forward to the day when their corpses will be rotting beneath the sun. The once mighty city-state of Carthage has already fell to the legions of Scipio Africanus.

Also, the last remaining stronghold of the Gaul has been found and will soon be dealt with. Afterwards, the conquest of Britannia and their holds in Gaul will be renewed and the Empire will grow and become stronger.


Silly? Yes, but I'm on still on vacation and have nothing better to do.
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lol well no matter how you treat them, those barbarians they keep dropping in to visit, and Carthage is just plan old pain in the butt.

ps, i kept wishing i could kill that whole Senate.
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Bruce, the ol' Senate will eventually get theirs. At some point I'll be able to march on Rome itself and then fight the other two Roman factions in my bid to become Emperor.

The last time I played this game it was as the Brutii and things were looking pretty sweet. What wasn't sweet is that the hard drive crashed and I lost many, many hours of game play. I think it's tougher as the Julii and the poor Scipii get the pleasure of actually having to deal with Carthage, which is a giant pain in the butt. I to conquer North Africa and Carthage as the Julii but never could get a foothold. I watch the game map and the poor Scipii are having their fair shair of trouble with them. Watch out for the elephant poo!
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lol its a really good game, kinda hard at first to get the feel for. I still have it installed, but right now, been playng supreme commander, ,

hmm but i think rome looks better, and is more in depth. But supreme commander is not bad. plus been messing around with c&c3
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I'm just scratching my head wondering why you aren't playing Civilization IV instead?

The Warlords expansion pack is awesome
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Originally Posted by silentNate View Post
I'm just scratching my head wondering why you aren't playing Civilization IV instead?

The Warlords expansion pack is awesome
Only because I haven't bought it yet.

If I buy a new game I'll never get to end of this one. Besides, I have enough fits with CivIII.

I do love the Civ series of games, though. They are certainly among my favorites.
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err, in my case i just never could get into Civilization games,
but i know alot of people that love them and your right, they are saying great things about the warlords xpac
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Bruce, I have good news to report.

I have rebounded and destroyed the following factions: Gaul, Britannia and Spain. Carthage only has one province left but I'll leave that to the Scipii, I have my eye on greener pastures- Helicarnassus, Rhodes, Syracusae and other provinces that will help to fill my treasury so that I can continue to wage war.

Things are looking up, I'm in control of around 30 provinces.
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wow, sounds like you been putting in some time!!!!
hey did you get the xpac for it ?
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No, I haven't. I didn't even know there was an expansion pack until last

Yesterday was my last day of vacation and I have to go back to work tonight so I pretty much spent most of the day and night playing.
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Have you tired the expansion for Rome, Bruce? I think I may have to get it.

Anyway, I started taking over what former Greek provinces that had gladiator uprisings going on. I'm infringing on the "territory" of one of the other Roman factions. Carthage has since been wiped out. I've taken over three provinces that I can't remember the names of as well as Athens, Kydonia and Larissa. The Senate wants me to move on another Greek city but I'm not ready to so it comes down to me not really want they want at this point. I have the favor of the people and can move on Rome to take it over and become Emperor whenever I feel like it but I want to take over 50 provinces first. I don't have the money or soldiers to defeat the Senate and also take the Brutii and Scipii factions.
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yep i have it xpac, its more of the same. which is not a bad thing.
but i never really finished it. by then wow was taking up more and more and more of my time.

aha, it felt good to finally get rid of the senate. They did a great job, of mixing all of that into one game. if i remember right they do get upset with you once you make your move to be emperor.
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