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I have two neutered male cats but every once in a while, late at night, one will emit a low guttural meow-type howl and repeat a couple of times.
Does anyone know what this type of howling means?
Occasionally, he sits near an open window and howls--again late at night.
He also usually gets very low to the ground with his head tilted up and back.
Cat brothers
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My old male cat growled when another cat was in his territory.
He did a weird wailing when he was to engage in a fight or a cat in heat was wandering nearby.
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Usually if a cat is howling at night near a window, I would suspect that there is a cat outside...or at least the scent of a cat that visited.

I have one cat who howls almost every night regardless of the situation. He's done it all of his life.
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Hi Cat Brothers, welcome to TCS.

As CDubbie said, they can probably either see or smell another cat near the outside of your house and are warning them to leave!
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My mothers cat does that. She is 18, I was wondering why she does it. Senility?
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