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Bundles: Still a kitten, something told me not to let him outside, yet I did.I heard a CRUNCH, and I found nothing of Bundles but a lock of fur. It turns out, a raccoon killed him.
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Oh no!! Is this the kitten that you just got?? I'm so,so sorry for such a tragic loss.....
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Oh my no, Sammy is new...he is ok. This is my old kitten.
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The poor baby...raccoons are so dangerous! Sorry to hear of your loss...
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Poor baby! My prayers are with you.

RIP Bundles
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Oh no..I am sorry for your loss of Bundles. RIP sweet one..
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I am so sorry to hear this. How devastating for you.
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I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Bundles

The outdoors are just full of so many dangers. I too, have learned that the hard way.

Rest in peace Bundles. You will be missed.
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Poor sweet Bundles! I am so sorry!
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Sorry for your loss, I hope you won't let Sammy outside. Outside is a way too dangerous place for cats.
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Oh, of course not.
But I had a dream Bundles was ok, and being held by a young boy in heaven. He is ok there.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, RIP Bundles. May he run and play happily over the Rainbow Bridge
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Oh no thats so sad! R.I.P little dude.
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That´s terrible, but sometimes you just can´t help it. I think we´ve all learned that. I´m very sorry.
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RIP Bundles

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Oh, poor Bundles! Rest peacefully, baby!
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