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I think if anyone knows of low cost options for island_girl85 in Canada, please provide them. Although we need to know your exact location.

There is no reason to pay a ton of money for a spay or neuter. There are a number of low cost vet clinics near me who neuter for $25 and spay for $45.
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I do hope you can find a way to get her done. Just for information, when you have one of each sex and you can only afford to get one done, it is always better to do the female first to avoid situations like this. I know someone on another forum who's vet wouldnt' spay her male and females till they were 6 months, yet when she took them to be done, they informed her the female was pregnant - she is now having to pay extra cattery fees, as she will prob be away on her due date. She did say she was going to get the vet to pay something, but I dont know if she has got anywhere, hence my comment yesterday.
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When I got my Sweetie spayed the vet warned me that even though she couldn't get pregnant the hormones were still in her system and she may show signs of a heat cycle. Thank goodness she didn't. Also my vet will spay a pregnant cat but doesn't like to. Its supposed to be hard on their system. I would definately get your female spayed ASAP and until then try to keep them seperated.
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Where in Canada are you? If you're in Montreal, I know of 2 low cost places.
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Males can still mate and get a female in heat pregnant within a month after being neutered - keep the boys from contact with your female till she's spayed.
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