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My 17 yo cat has stopped eating.

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Even at her peak she was a lean 5 pound-er. Now she is a very skinny 3.
She simply seems to have lost interest in food. She spends most of her time in her hiding cubby, but she occasionally ventures out to harass the dog or visit me in bed. She seems comfortable, purring, grooming, etc.

The last time she was at the vet was when she was neutered 16 years ago, and it wasn't pretty. I'm afraid the stress of bringing her to the vet would kill her, and the vet agrees. The vet feels nature is taking it's course and that she could be diabetic, have thyroid problems, and is simply old.

It have tried feeding her everything I can think of to no avail. She even ignore hand feeding pieces of cheese.

Should I just let nature take it's course? How will I know if she is really suffering?

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I would probably bring her to the vet. Lots of cats live into their 20's and she could have any number of small issues that is causing her to lose weight. Perhaps the vet could prescribe a valium or something to help relax her enough so the vet trip isn't so stressful for her OR you.
A senior work-up could be beneficial. I hope there's nothing terribly wrong with her, but 3 lbs is pretty skinny for a kitty to be.

Good luck!

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If it were me, I'd get a different vet. I"m sorry..yes, 17 is a good old age, but if there is a treatable condition, why not? At this age, there are several different reasons, including hyperthyroidism, chronic renal failure that could account for the loss of weight..the loss of appetite is by itself serious, as cats can become anorexic simply from not eating. More often I'd expect to see this kind of lack of appetite go along with kidney issues versus hyperthyroisim where they eat heartily but lose weight.

I personally would not let nature take its course if it is kidney issues...i'd either treat for this, or help them pass on. They can develop seizures for one, and that is not a peaceful passing, imo.
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Duchess was always right around 5 pounds and dropped close to 4 once she started having kidney problems. I would see if maybe the vet could come to you just to have him check her out and maybe get some blood work done. Feed her anything you can find that she will eat. Have you tried wet pouches? Tuna...anything!
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i agree with the above posters , she really does need to see a vet , when my hansle (RIP) lost so much weight in a matter of days went of his food etc.. i took him straight in but knew in my heart something wasnt right, he had kidney cancer which had made his kidneys start to fail , there was nothing they could do even if they had found it in the early stages there was nothing they could do. we decided he had no quilty of life so we had him put to rest janaury 2006. i hope there is nothing seriously wrong with your little one , but in case there is you would hate to think she is suffering.
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I agree she really ought to see a vet, but also understand why you don't want to cause her unnecessary stress.

I would try to get a vet to come out to you - it will cost more, but be much kinder to your elderly girl than the stress of a trip out to the vet.
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I agree with getting something to calm her before a vet visit. I have a cat that gets vicious with the vet but the last time he was givena med to calm him and it went fairly well. Your cat may have thyroid problems or kidney problems and can be helped I would try to get her to the vet.
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Can the vet come to you??? Many vets will but dont advertise as such otherwise they would do nothing but housecalls
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are there vets around that will make house calls? I know 17 is pretty old, even for a cat, but she could have a few good years left in her if whats he has is treatable. I would definitely call around, and try to entice her with something, any kind of stinky cat food you can find.
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Originally Posted by fosterkitty View Post
are there vets around that will make house calls? I know 17 is pretty old, even for a cat, but she could have a few good years left in her if whats he has is treatable. I would definitely call around, and try to entice her with something, any kind of stinky cat food you can find.
Yes there are vets who do nothing but house calls evan but they are rare ... My current and two prior ones would come to you if you asked and there was a reason like age of cat or human
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UGH. I had some pretty bad flashbacks when I read this. Angel started that way...and I am not saying that to do any sort of scare, but to urge you to PLEASE somehow get someone to check her out. Angel would drink water, but wouldn't eat...and then she resorted to just kind of laying around...then hiding....and then she wouldn't even really look at anyone..just kind of was in a "zombie"/"out of touch" state. It was aweful...I miss her terribly.

I think one thing someone on her told us to try was Nutri-Cal. Was that it?? Someone correct me if I am wrong. It is a tube of stuff you can give that will provide some calories. Angel wouldn't even take that, but it is soooo worth the try.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try and find someone that will come out to see her if you don't want to take her in.
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Yah - you should take the cat to the vet and get a blood test done - it could be something very simple that is easy to take care of. Try to find a vet that is close by and takes only cats. Weight loss in older cats is often a sign of kidney problems -- my cat takes sub-q fluids for that - which is very cheap about $20 a bag - and it helps her a lot.
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She went to the vet Fri. PM. Physical exam didn't find anything obvious. Took blood and waiting for the results.

In the mean time I have been force feeding her Prescription Diet AD with a syringe and administering a appetite stimulant and antibiotic.

After seeing almost nothing in her box for a week, today I found a large puddle like stool that seemed almost identical to what was going in. The volume was pretty close also.

She is spending almost all her time in the hiding area now, coming out just to drink. I think the force feeding is making her feel sick, but she's not vomiting.

Every time I reach into he hiding area to get her out for a feeding I expect to find her dead. I'm sure her time is close, I just hope she's comfortable.
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I'm sorry to hear that your kitty isn't doing well. I think that you are doing the right thing in giving her syringed food until you get the blood test results back. At that point you can see what you are dealing with.

I'm sending you and your dear pet lots of good vibes & prayers
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I am very sorry...I hope the blood work results will give some answers.
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Fingers crossed that the bloods show something treatable - if not, please consider letting her pass peacefully with intervention, I have had to watch neighbours cats go 'naturally' from health issues, and it isn't pleasant to watch a cat you love dearly go like that. Will be thinking of you.
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