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Well, this morning I had my last college final!! And to celebrate, me and my 6 best friends all went and got tattoos together! We have been talking about it for close to a year, and decided we would all get a form of the cadeuces (with our own touch, we did a heart which is a symbol of nursing, and added a lotus flower). So we all got the same tattoo, with slight variations in color and size from person to person. Here is mine! (Its about 2 1/2 - 3 inches on my back).

Let me know if y'all wanna see the other girls, I'll be happy to post them!
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I love it!!! And congratulations on finishing school!
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That is very pretty, and a fitting tribute to all your hard work!
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Cool tat!!!! And congrats on finishing up School!!What a cool way to celebrate it.
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Congrats on graduating!! I love your new tat!! I'd love to see the other girls too
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Cool tatoo and congrats on graduating.
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Congrats on graduating
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Thanks to you all, being done with school is a big weight off my shoulders!!

Here are the other girls' tattoos:

Another on the back,almost identical to mine:

One on the shoulder blade:

One on the foot:

Two on the hip:

And one not pictured was the same size as mine, but hers was the colors of the one on the foot (Black,gray,red)
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I like!! Those are some awesome lookin tats. BTW-congrats on finishing school! Thats such a huge accomplishment girl!!
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What a great way to celebrate your accomplishment! Congrats 9and cool tat)
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They all look very nice

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Wow... They all look great and they are very well deserved!
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I love yours! They are all very pretty
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
Cool tat!!!! And congrats on finishing up School!!What a cool way to celebrate it.
That's very cool, you girls will be connected forever with that memory!
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Congrats And sweet tats!
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