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A silly kitty pic

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I caught my Balie in his usual, relaxed, bashful and unassuming pose last night and thought you might like to see how my kitty lets his hair down (or should that be lets it all hang out . . .)
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They could be twins! Here she is with Tatum in the back and Rudy (the red nosed persian) next to her!
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Someones kitty wants his belly rubbing

That's so cute
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I just love kitty tummies, and Balie needs some rubbin' and kissin' on that tummy!!
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Get in my Belly!!!!

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Oh how adorable! I LOVE that pic!
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Little Balie is the king of belly rubs. He lives for them, and tummy kisses too. He's my cutest little baby, love him to bits!!
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what a beautiful cat Yola. And your three are quite the neat little bunch aren't they Dragon lady. Here's mine. He's so candid...:tounge2:
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..but they always have other plans, don't they?

Our Shelly Belly (who is thin as a rail) loves his tummy rubbed. Gary doesn't give him Tummy kisses - he blows raspberries! LOL!
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Ooooweee!!! Gotta love those big ol' kitty tums!!!
And Dragon lady, the kitty on the right in your picture is the spitting image of my little girl Truffle!!! (I don't have a pic of her though, she's a little camara shy....well actually just moody.. :laughing: )
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Rub my belly.....
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Please rub me....
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Last time I'm gonna ask.........

(last photo too!!)
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Oh Good grief!!! How can you resist that!??!?!?!
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Cooper looks seriously cute in those pics!
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They're all great pics!
And what cute kitty bellies...nobody could resist them!

Here's Orion's...

And here's Draco's...
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Hee hee!! we have an excess of kitty tummies!! We're surrounded!!!
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HeHe Louise, Draco looks SO chilled out . . .
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Tamme - forgot to say, your ginga boy looks like he means business . . . what a handsome kitty . . .
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