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New Kitten

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Hey Guys,

Here is my blog on our new kitten. She's 9 weeks old.


P.S Feel fee to leave comments if you like

Here's the link:

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Awww SO cute!

And a great name too!
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Oh my, she is adorable! Love to see more photos and some of your other kitty, too
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aww Moo is a cute peach and you know I dont thinkI 've ever seen a kitty with a white face and one black ear splodge, sweet
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shes lovely, sweet name haha :P
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AAARK! Cuteness warning!

LOVE the name. `Moo' So perfect for her!
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Awww cute kitten. We had a barn cat we named her Cow - she really looked in markings like a Holstein cow ! Unfortunately her grandmother chased her to the highway. She didn't like any other females around - males she would tolerate. But she ran off all the females.
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Ohhh Lucy-Moo what a sweetie you are! Let's see some photos of your big brother Jaspurrrr!
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O my, what a cutie pie
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Omg she is soooooooo cute.
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