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Kitten won't go to the bathroom

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I have a 2 week old orphan kitten named Jordan. I've had her for a week now and everything is going fine, except now she won't go to the bathroom. I stimulate her and she does pee and the last time she did go to the bathroom is was very hard and orange. If anyone could give me any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.
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Well first of all if her tummy is hard then you need to take this very seriously. Little kitties can get toxic.

One thing that has helped my gals is to put their bottom end into a sink of warm water. While they're in there I massage their tummies really good. I take them out and dry them off. before their next feeding I try again, and several have pooped this way.

Another thing I did was to put a tiny amount of Benefiber into their formula. It disolves completely. I'm not sure if this is okay...hopefully others will say, but it's a natural fiber supplement, not a laxitive.
They ALL pooped after that (I have 6 3 weekers). I only did it for two feeds though. They had a bit of the runs but they had also been very backed up. They seem to be back to normal now.

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Hi and welcome to TCS.

Although having a kitten poop every day is ideal, they can go up to 4 days without pooping and still be OK. You can get a little bit of canned pumpkin on the tip of your finger and gently swipe it onto Jordan's tongue. Alternatively, you can give her a little dab (about the size of a match head) of Laxatone.

Something else I have found to be helpful is to get a small stream of warm water going at the kitchen sink, place her bottom under the stream and use your finger (wear a disposable glove if it makes you squeamish) to stimulate her anal area. Pooping can be a hard task for tiny kittens and you'll know you're progressing if she grunts a little and her back legs straighten as she pushes.
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