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Midweek Challenge

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A midweek challenge, as requested!

Photos are supplied by ClixPix (showing us that even talented photographers take bad pics sometimes)

Two pics to somehow get in a sig, the first has a yellow hue to it and is a little blurry, the second is a difficult angle as the kitty is in a basket which is cut off.

In the same sig with whatever theme you want at the regular TCS rules for size / file size

Have fun!
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This didn't come out as good as it looked in my head...

I took the yellow kitty, rotated the image, did Auto Levels, then I went into the Curves and played with the Red, Green, and Blue curves until I got the "right" color balance. Did the same with the kitty in the basket (sans rotation).

I knew I wanted them in letters, and HOME worked as it had both a horizontal and a O. Put them in, played with the style, then rasterized HOME so I could select parts, and then using the ALT key (subtract from selection) and the lasso, I got them to look resting on and peeking out of the letters.
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Thank for doing another challenge. My hayfever is playing up and I haven't been able to spend much time in the garden, so I was pleased to have this to play with.

I selected the white bits and fiddled with the Hue/saturation till it looked OK them did the same with the brown bits and the pale bits on the black kitten.
(I thought he looked a bit sad so I gave him a hug )
I used free transform to turn him and copied and turned his ear to give him two ears and cut and pasted him together.
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I really like both of those siggys!!
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I decided to keep the baskets in ...here's my efforts

Yellow blurry cat was cut out with magnetic lasoo too at feather 5px. Duplicated into 3 layers. One layer put on screen at 65%. Layers merged. Sharpened. I tidied up the edges with the soft edge eraser.

Black cat was sharpened and the contrast increased so he really stood out.

I duplicated the black cat pic and added the cut out ex-yellow blurry cat onto it. Then erased the edges to make it look like ex-yellow blurry cat was originally in the basket when the pic was taken.

I then put all the layers into a black background (opting for simplicity and clarity) and found a cat quote about 2 cats lol
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