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Happy Friday DT!

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Well....went home last night to a freshly cleaned home. What an amazing feeling. Today, I am still on cloud nine. The cleaning company showed up with 3 women and they completely did a spring cleaning. Now....the maintenance begins.

I was actually able to do a couple loads of laundry and sit down and enjoy my supper for a change. YAY!!!!!

I'm going shopping on my lunch. My little guy's birthday is sunday. Speaking of which....BIG dilema. When he was 5, he kept begging my if he could walk to the corner store. I adamently replied "No way....not until you're 8". Well.......he's turning 8 on sunday and trust me, he has never forgotten what I said and he makes sure I've remembered. I really don't want to break my word and lose his trust. As soon as I gave him the time frame way back then, he stopped asking to go. He just kept counting the months until the big day. I'm really nervous about this. And funny thing is: there are no streets to cross. The store is however, on the Main Street and everyone flies through town.
So, this is what I have planned: A few of my good friends that will be at certain look-out points. Hubby will hide out at the fire department and I....well, I guess I just have to wait at home. I really don't want him to know we will be watching him the first time, I just need to know that he can be trusted. I know this sounds sappy but I guess it's the first of many times when I will need to give him some freedom. Yikes! No one ever told me that being a mother would be this hard.

Well, have a great day everyone and an even better week-end!
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That's a great story! Kids do have long attention spans when they want to do something. You really do have to let him go to the store - otherwise, what is the point of turning 8. I think your plan to have him watched along the way is a really good idea. Are you going to ask him to do your grocery shopping while he is there?
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Sappy?! Nonsense...it's the first time your little one will spread his wings!

As a side note - if this were me, I'd probably do the same as you but I would be in the bushes with a camcorder!

In my mind, you can never document enough "first"!

I am very glad that the end of the week is here. I survived the dentist, my job interview, and now I found out my bathroom is FINALLY going to be finished! We have been waiting for the glass shower doors to be delivered from the supplier. We have waited over a month for these because of supplier problems. In the meantime I have been showering in a cold basement in a temporary shower stall.


Also, do you know what it is like to not have a functioning bathroom for the last 3 months? Try blowdrying your hair using the outlet over the kitchen sink.....it's not fun! And forget about trying to apply makeup....

Ok, I'm finished my vent for the week.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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It's POURING with rain today. Yuk. A bit slow on the work front especially after yesterday's excitement. We went to see our first potential client. The meeting went SO well I think we will get some work out of the guy, which has boosted by confidence no end (Bod - we're on your trail I'll be sitting in your reception in NO time).

I've been looking for that starving kitty on and off today but no luck so far, I've been rattling biscuits and everything. I woke up from a dream about it last night, I don't think it was a bad dream, but I defintely remember it was about that kitty.

I'm glad it's Friday today. I'm actually quite tired and probably boring you all rigid, so I'll go and read some more posts now and shut up!
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TGIF! I'm actually going to get a half day today, which will be nice. I'm also taking Monday off from work since it's our anniversary, two whole years. I have no idea if we will actually do anything or just sit around the house, but it will be nice to have an extra day off.

Ghys, sounds like you have a great plan there. He'll be thrilled that he gets to be all grown up and walk to the store.

Yola, I hope that client works out for you! I've been worried about that kitty since you wrote about it in SOS. Unless/until you find her, I'm going to see a silver lining and think that some other cat lover took the poor baby in and she is now warm and well fed.

I've had to shower in the basement at a friend's house until they redid their bathroom. That was no fun, especially in the winter! BBBRRRR! Glad you are done with that renovation Kassandra!
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I am having a horrible day. I just learned some things about my work situation and my boss, that if they are true, have made me lose any and all respect and trust I have in him.

I work in a research lab with a MD from the Czech Republic. She and I do not get along, but I realize that things like that happen in any workplace, but I try and be as cordial as possible. But, now when I talk to her, she treats everything I say like I am insulting her or being nasty. Today was no different, and her behavior made me so upset that I left the lab, because I'd either break down and cry, or punch the b!@#$ in the face. I went and talked to a friend across the hall and the tech in our lab, Alex.

My boss has the bad habit of saying one thing to one person, and something different to another. He's the consumate politician, and most of us know to check his stories and figure out the truth. Also, the MD I have problems with has been known to out and out lie about things. Alex told me that the MD told him my boss laughed and made fun of the times I came into his office to discuss the problems I have with her.

I'm torn. Either she's lying, or he said something else and she interpreted it like that, or he said it but didn't mean it, or he meant it. The situation with the MD has fallen apart, my friends think she has a drug problem or has mental problems, but I can't trust my boss anymore to talk to him. I am seriously thinking about quitting, even though I absolutely love what I do, and if the MD wasn't around I'd love to stay in this lab for years. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Christy, from what you said here it sounds to me like she is trying to play the game to get you to quit. She's probably already played her hand with the boss to get you fired, and when that didn't work she is using the grapevine to get you so frustrated you will leave. I assume she knew that you and Alex are friends?

What I would do, because I have been part of this little game before (only the other person really was one of my supervisors, she just didn't have the power to fire me herself...), is confront your boss with the information. Just tell him that you were told from a reliable person she said this...and you are very concerned about it. Most people you can tell from their reaction if it's true or not, but if he's the politicing type you may not be able to. Regardless if you can tell or not, he will know that you know (if he did it) or that she's now telling lies about him (if he didn't).

I've found that you will drive yourself nuts about this if you don't deal with the situation directly, and the situation will just escalate out of control.
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Christy - first of all, (((((hugs))))). It is so hard to know what to do in a situation like that. I'd so hate to see you have to quit a job you love because of personnel problems. The sad thing is that is so fixable. I think you'll probably get your best advice from friends who work there - they'll be more familiar with the situation and the people involved.

Does your boss have a boss? That is something to consider. Of course, I've always been bold about stuff like that.

The only other option I can see is to go back to your boss. If you truly feel strongly enough about this to quit, then it's worth telling him about it. What have you got to lose (except feeling uncomfortable and making him uncomfortable?) if you're thinking of leaving anyway? I don't know how many people work there, so if there's any way you can let him know that you heard "through the grapevine..." that he has made fun of your complaints about the Czech TO the Czech and you personally find that deeply offensive and it has placed you in such an uncomfortable position that you are considering leaving. (The problem is that if he'll know it is Alex and you don't want to get him/her in trouble - then I think you're kind of stuck). Then he has a choice to make. Is the Czech not responsible in her job? Or is it just a personality problem? Does the insurance there cover psychiatrists or psychologists? If other people have a problem with her, then maybe you can suggest to your boss that he can resolve this by offering the Czech woman the opportuninty to get counseling? And that if you ever hear of him making fun of you again, he'll immediately receive your notice?

I'm just trying to figure out options that can help resolve the situation and allow you to stay at a job you love. But with a two-faced boss, it's really a toughie.

Let me think on this some more.


Ghys - congrats! Doesn't that feel great? And about your boy's eighth birthday - I don't think you're being too cautious or silly or sappy or whatever. I think that's a very creative solution!

Russian Blue - I've never had the remodeling headache, but have many friends who have. Glad to hear the nightmare is almost over!

Yola - you're not boring us silly. I hadn't seen the post in S.O.S., but I'll keep your kitty in my prayers! And hope you land that client!

Heidi - hope I didn't miss you! Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your long weekend, and have a great day Monday (even if all you do is sit around in your jammies! :tounge2: )

Christy - more (((((hugs)))))

We have to go pick up the cat we trapped. (Tuxedo and Sheldon's Dad that we've been trying for MONTHS to catch). He has been neutered, gotten his shots and dewormed. He does NOT have leukemia (Doc suspected it) - THANK GOD!

Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!
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Christy, I hadn't seen Heidi's post when I wrote. But I absolutely agree with her. It sounds like that b*&%# is trying to get you to leave. And whether or not you can "trust" your boss is moot. You can't. But the only thing to do is to deal with it directly. But I've already said that, so now I'll just send even more hugs!!!!

...and then, if nothing changes, post it here on TCS and we'll come down there and talk some sense into her!
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Christy, my heart really goes out to you. I have first hand experience with this. You have two options: Quit or deal with the situation at hand. I vote for number 2.

I vote for number 2 because you will get some type of office politics wherever you go. Now saying that, quiting will not help you since you really enjoy your current job. It's just that some of the office staff need a lesson in positive relationship building exercises (notice how I am being ultimately politically correct!

There are two things that I can recommend: Number 1 - You will have to confront your boss. And number 2 - Never, never deal with "gossip". You should deal with "facts" and keep a journal.

I would approach your boss and set up a meeting between you and the MD. Nothing is going to be resolved with all He said / She said arguements. By having both your boss and the MD in the room together you can avoid the boss saying one thing to you and one thing to the MD.

Second, speak to your boss first and tell him your concerns and that you feel at the end of your rope. Showing your extreme concern with this situation "should" force him to take measures that will be productive for your office environment.

Third, document every incident of your "problems" with the MD and/or your boss. But, only include facts! Is there a Human Resource department? If you have your meeting with the boss and MD and nothing changes, go to the Human Resource department.

Now if all the above fails, go to your bosses boss. The reason I think that you should do these steps is that you actually enjoy your job and would plan to stay there for the future. Not many of us can say we like our current employment and want to stay.

Lastly, if none of the above work, then you always have the choice to leave. If you are hating every minute of your work day, the stress is not worth it. But I suggest you make an effort to resolve things rather than flee. It most likely will work out in your favour.

Good Luck!
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Thanks everyone! I was laughing and tearing up at the same time. It's so great to know I have somewhere I can turn to when I need to vent, and people who care!

I'm going to give the situation some time to calm down. Either this weekend (if the boss comes in) or Monday, I'll meet with him. I definately plan to let him know that anything said will go through the grapevine (the people on the floor are by and large a very tight group, and any stories travel VERY fast). I will also get him to put in writing what projects everyone is responsible for. This is how this whole stupid arguement started today, anyways.

Once again, thank you guys so much! I feel so much better now, having a plan and lots of support!

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I know - isn't this place incredible?

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Good Luck Christy! You have a lot of great advice here. But, it is a wise decision to take the week-end to calm down. Being reactionary when you are emotional can sometimes cause you to make a decision against your better judgement.

Russian Blue: A camcorder!!!! Oh my, why did I not think of that?? I will definately charge my battery tonight. I'm just wondering if he is expecting to go on sunday, right on his birthday.

Thanks for all the votes of confidence. I know he will be thrilled that we kept our word.
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I have never been so glad to see a Friday!

My work sent me on a course to London, and I am left feeling shattered as I also had to go into the office today.

To make things worse the lad in my department has been telling everyone how I got really drunk in London, which I did (after all, the drinks were going on the company credit card!) but didn't embarass myself, just became a little bit unsteady on my feet.

He seemed to be getting great pleasure by giving me a bad reputation. Thankfully my boss is really laid back and enjoys getting drunk, and thought it was great that I let my hair down That soon shut this lad up.

Good luck with your boss Christy, it doesn't sound like a good situation to be in, so I hope talking to him helps.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend, I know I will

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Wobbly Wibble! LOL! Glad to hear your bosses attitude shut him up!

We're ALL looking forward to the weekend.

Ghys - Of course he is! That's when he's 8, and you said when he turned 8! You should let him go ON his B-day. He'll be so proud and happy! (I'm assuming the store is open then?)

...and Marie - you should have mentioned the great news! Come on - tell them about your foster babies greeting upon your return!!!!
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Yes indeed...TGIF! After the 55-60 hour work weeks I have been putting in lately...I decided to just up and leave at 1:00 today!

I did do a couple hours of work when I got home, but it was just SO relaxing to be here, no phone constantly ringing, no somebody walking up to my desk alll the time, I use a different AIM ID at home than I do at work, so no IM's flying in all the time!

Gosh it's amazing that I can ever get ANYTHING done AT work! :tounge2:

Going to look for bridal dresses with my friend Kim tomorrow.
There are 4 of us in the bridal party...so it should be interesting trying to get all of us to agree on one dress! Will be fun though. Then her and I and our S/O's are getting together Saturday night to shoot some pool and drink a few brewskis.

Sunday morning there is a huge craft show which I plan to hit in the morning, NASCAR race (last of the season..BOOHOO!) in the afternoon, and Sunday evening my boyfriends sister-in-law's birthday thing.

Whew...I am tired already! :laughing:
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Still being lazy. I DID do a load of laundry and I'm cooking dinner, tonight.

Rowdy has spent the last two days chewing on the catnip plant and terrorizing Opie and Ike. I may have to put it outside, for a day or two. Overnights have been in the high 40s so, it won't freeze.

Bill is so happy, that its Friday. He's had a rough week. Tomorrow, we're going to browse Bookman's Used Books (I can spend a whole day there) and Beyond Bread. Maybe, they'll have some wonderful pastries, that I can't resist!

Have a good weekend.
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