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Enticing kitties to eat wet food

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Hello all,

I recently switched both of my kitties to all wet food diet. Being the finicky kitties that they are, sometimes a flavor that they love the first time, if tried too soon they are not too enthused about.
I also do use large cans, that I refrigerate until it’s all finished, and I add warm water to the food at each serving.
I try to add some dry food crunchies, maybe 5-10 kibbles just so make them eat certain flavors as well.

I don’t have too many brands that are available nearby that sell large cans, so I am wondering of any other ways of enticing my girls. They are both dry food junkies of the past.

Which dry foods would make nutritious and yummy toppers that would be extra helpful with skin and coat as well?
Their fur is not looking as great on wet food as it did on dry.

My babies have been on all wet for maybe a month now? I am fairly new to wet food diet and all suggestions are welcome!

Thank you!
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I don’t know of any dry food that would be very appealing to cats to top with the wet food. However, to entice them to eat the wet food try pretending to eat the food yourself and get very enthused about it and say mmmmm nicely to them. Or maybe try adding some strong aroma chicken stock to the food maybe that might appeal to them.
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I have heard that brewer's yeast is enticing, although I have never done that.

I have used the crumbs from the Nature's Variety Raw Instinct.
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Thanks for the responses.
Felidae needs lots of enticing, they are excited about the first feeding, not the second though.
The last can I opened was strangely drier than others.

I wish Merrick came in large cans! They loved all the flavors.
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That’s great to hear that they love Merrick’s. I’ve been really considering purchasing some from my cat and it get’s your finicky cats’ approval I hear. So great news. And it has a pretty impressive ingredient listing.
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