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I just moved...

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ok, now that i look at it is is kinda confusing even to me.

first thing, Jake is my boyfriend and he likes cats, he just doesn't like them if they are not his, it's really annoying because he likes to tease and mess with them. He teases and messes with them even if they are his but he is gentler and care weather or not he accidentally hurts them(he's tall, skinny, strong and not always in control of his strength). we have a understanding, he doesn't mess or really even touch her aside from occasionally when she is being aggravating and goes to him instead of me when i call and he gently pets her, and i don't annoy him by talking to him about her.

second thing, i decided to leave my kitty, Had, but it turns out that she is really sad and misses me. I went over there and they tell me that she is outside a lot more, sleeps on my mothers bed(my mother is a temp for me), and willingly lets Audrey our nanny/housekeeper pet her(Sadie loves her but Had finds her annoying). I am going to have my mother bring her over when she brings my baby sister, ruby, over to see daniels kittens

third thing, Daniel is one of our roommates. Me, jake and him have known each other since 8th grade. he has a cat named Mama Kitty and she has kittens, the ones ruby wants to see. Daniel is going to keep one of the kittens, she is already named Cleopatra. Mama Kitty is hormonal so i am gonna keep Had away for a bit, and Mama Kitty doesn't like dogs(she was a stray that daniel adopted).

forth thing, jake has decide to keep one of Daniels kittens and unfortunately i think he is going to name the poor thing Butthead. i am kinda thinking about keeping one of them for myself but i want to see if i like any of the kittens well enough to keep it and Had before mentioning anything to anyone.

fifth thing, David is our other roommate, his mother owns the house but it is pretty much his. He has two medium sized mophead dogs. they used to have run of the house but now that mama kitty is here they have been banished to one side of the house, which is not fair to them. David is also the one that had the final decision in weather or not any of us can keep a kitten, he has already said that Had can be here and that daniel can keep Cleopatra and i am pretty sure that he said that jake can keep a kitten but i haven't mentioned anything to him about me.

sixth thing, I will introduce Had to them when she is still in her carrier because she knows she is safe there. we want to eventually get Mama Kitty, Had and the Kittens used to the dogs and vise versa so we can let them roam again.
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I am a little confused from your post (I confuse easily), but am glad you came here Sounds like you will be bringing Had to live with you - that's wonderful. It sounds like she missed you a lot.

I am also a bit confused about Daniel. Is he your boyfriend? And he has a cat named Mama Kitty but he doesn't want to talk about your cat? That doesn't seem fair to me, but again, I may not understand what you meant.

Sending happy reunion vibes to you and Had

Edit: oops, looks like Jake is your boyfriend and does not like cats?
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