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Fly Screens

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I need some help !!

Our little kitty has started to climb the fly screens. She will sit there and meow for a minute then the next she's trying to climb up the fly screen.

This is becoming a problem as we rent so we don't want the screens wrecked but also it's teaching the other kitty how it's done, so we have caught him doing it as well (only occasionally tho)..

Anyone have any info on what we can do??
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We have a 7 foot cat tree for ours to climb. You could stand guard, with the water squirt bottle, and say "NO" squirt. Pennies in a can to rattle is also supposed to work well. Maybe a lemon sented car freshener pinned to the top of the screen may repel them. Is there a fly that they are after in the screen? I hope one of these will work for you!
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Yeah water pistols are great We used one of Suki to stop her climbing on the cupboards (tis dangerous up there). Everytime she climbed up there I tried to get up we'd squirt her, now she stays away

BTW make sure your cats can't see you do it though, they may sulk at you.
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It may not be pretty, and will block air flow for a while, but you can put double sided tape on the screen. They don't like the feel of sticky on their paws, and this will deter them from climbing.
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