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You are one grounded, level-headed chicky!!! Good on you for keeping your cool while speaking your mind!
NO DOUBT!!!! Much more level-headed than I would have been, customer, office, business or no. I would have been insanely furious. I would have kicked him out, no holds barred, and then I would have gone to my dad and said, make sure you tell your customers that they don't come in here and abuse my pets and if they can't abide by that, don't come. Of course, I'm a lot more radical than most people.. I got into an argument with two southeast dc cab drivers one time and one of them threatened me and I went off. My friends are like you're going to get yourself killed... I said, of these days.

And I hope she left a really big pile right outside his car door so he stepped in it when he got in. B*st*rd. Man, I'm just seething about that. Bless your heart for being so level headed, especially on such a bad day.