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sometimes computers bite...

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so last night my laptop monitor started flickering. than it went Poof..bye bye monitor. black. so now whenever i start it up..its kinda red, than goes off totaly. well thats mever a good thing. The laptop starts fine. but no monitor so useless.

good news is I still have my old one. which the hard drive ect didnt work anymore but everything else did. so i managed to find a local guy who will do the repair for just a labor cost since i have the part. $75 not to bad. but ugh made me MADDDDD this morning.
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Well that stinks!! Glad you can get if fixed at a reasonable price though.
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The thread title made me think bite as in hurt you somehow. I've smushed fingers under towers a few times...

I'm glad you'll be able to fix it, having to replace a whole comp is expensive and troublesome.
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Tell me about it. At least it's an easy fix though. As a computer person I hate getting the ones that are hard to fix...that's when I use to charge more.

Anyway, good luck, hopefully he can get it fixed soon!
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heh thanks guys. Yup the guy i found to fix it came and got it from me at work today. said I shoudl have it back tommrow. He said he would get it open tonight, and if i didnt hear from him the part i had worked and all was good and we would be good to go. Not bad! especially for $75 saved myself money on a part muhaha. he was pretty sure it was just the inverter and ven showed me where the peice would be inside..kinda cool.
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