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It's raining!

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Pretty much most of Australia is in drought. In New South Wales (the State I live in) 99% of the State is drought declared. Sydney has just been put on voluntary water restrictions (when the water supply reaches 65% capacity, enforced restrictions apply. Our water level is about 67% right now).

For the past couple of days, it's been really overcast with those heavy, about to burst rain clouds, but it just wouldn't rain - which was really frustrating.

And today it finally did. I don't know how much rain we need to get back on track, but right now I'd be happy if it rained right through my weekend (although I might not feel that way in 2 days!).

hooray for the rain!

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It's raining here in Brisbane too Naomi! It absolutely bucketted down on Wednesday night. I live in the Gold Coast area and we have been on severe water restrictions for ages ($500 on the spot fine if you're caught with a hose in your hand, including washing your car!) I have a tin roof and lots of gardens and there is no sweeter sound than that rain!
Diann in Australia
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That's great! We have a drought in the US, too. Here in Colorado there was a state-wide fire ban all summer, and most places had mandatory water restrictions. Finally, we are starting to get some moisture with snow. Thank God for El Nino! (At least for us! )
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How easy it is to moan about rainy, dismal days--until we experience a drought! I'm so glad it's finally raining. You must wish you were kids again, and could run around in the rain with no shoes on! And isn't it great to sit on the porch and just watch it fall? I hope it continues on a regular basis, nice and steady, and the flowers sing with joy!
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