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Kinda how I feel some mornings!

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I just burst out laughing at this one! Is this kitty yours? If so, I think you might have a mutiny on your hands very shortly if "Not happy Jan" is anything to go by!
Diann in Australia
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What a FAB picture!

My business partner's cat, Banoffee, fell in the bath yesterday. He was rolling around laughing when he came round, and said the cat was doing her usual balancing on the edge of the bath, when she slipped and fell in!!!

Aparently she was fuming, not scared, just livid. She was sopping wet, went straight into his bedroom and trashed a pillow. The way she reacted you'd have thought she was pushed in!

I image she looked something like poor soggy kitty above.
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:LOL: Oh that is hysterical!!
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That is too funny!!!! I'd have to admit that I think that's what i look like first thing in the morning!
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That's hysterical! I wish I could print that out! The look on her face! She is livid! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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Thats how I feel on Monday morning.


Very cute pic. Poor kitty. :laughing2
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That picture is just something else!!!!!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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A hahahaha!

That is me EVERY morning!
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That is just hilarious!!! What a mad cat!!!! :laughing:
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