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Pic of Cassy

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Here is my stray of one year, Cassy. She is my dolly.

We've been finding cat hair in the dinner! I have to tell my cats to stay off the tables.
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Apparently your kitties own the house just like mine! I'm just happy if they stay off the table while I'm eating! LOL Your kitties are gorgeous!
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On this site, no "cat hair" explanations are required! Both cats are lovely!
PS My Sophie thinks that when I am the DR table, she should be next to me!
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Wat a cutie pie

And well telling the cats to stay of the table is unacceptable And well it doesnt work, I know
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cats & tables what can you say - well at least the pansy didn't get eaten up
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awww buy mommy...she was only up there to admire the pretty flowers
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I love the white spot on her chin!

Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
cats & tables what can you say - well at least the pansy didn't get eaten up
I'm surprised the next picture isn't of Cassy with the vase knocked over and the pansy hanging out of her mouth.
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awwwwww shes gorgeous!
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She's prettier than the flower!
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Thank you all for your wonderful comments.

I am just so in love with my cats; my human family is just so jealous. I can't help it, cats are: I just don't have the words to describe them!
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She's gorgeous My cats are on the table all the time too
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