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Not happy Jan!

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Poor kitty does not look happy at all!
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still not happy...
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Awwww, but it is so cute! I love the little boots.
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Holy mackeral! Somebody is going to get some pay back by the look of this! What in the world did you do?? It must have been bad!
Diann in Australia
PS What type of kitty is this and do you have him/her clipped?
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:LOL:!!!! I believe that is the "Lion cut" yes!?!? SOOOO CUTE!!!! But you're right, poor little kitty definately does NOT look happy about it!!! Bless!!!
I love the boots too - look like "snow boots"!!
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PS, you MUST submit one of those pics to Caption This!!
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Aw the poor little bugger must be frozen
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Poor, naked little thing!
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If a long haired cat is very matted or it is very hot many owners will get the kitty this cut to relieve it of it's offending coat. I had one kitty that always hid when we came in the room, she was so shy. I could never get close to her and she got matted (she's a persian) Now that I had her stripped she is much more friendly.
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Poor little thing! Some one get it a sweater! She looks so humiliated.:laughing:
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That second pic looks like her head is too big for that little body. Poor little love.
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HeHe. That looks like one mightily pissed off Pussycat!
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LOL on the second picture is that cleavage I see?

Trust a fella to find that :P
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LOL, That is one mad kitty, cute though!!
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Not my kitty by the way
I was emailed the pictures from a friend who found them on the net somewhere.
I assume that they have shaved the kitty because it's hair was too matted.
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ohhhhh he´s sooooooooo cute, i've never seen a fur-cut like that before, but you right he is definatly not happy, poor guy....don´t you just love them..
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