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One #$%& thing after another!

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Our boss returned my vcr this evening, and before he left, he nonchalantly announced he was selling part of the property to the church next door. Not the part that the shop is on, but the part that has my s/o's machine shop, and where most of his employees live! We have no money to move, so I don't know what we are going to do! He will even be kicking out his own brother! I knew it was a mistake to come back to work for this money grubbing jackass! We worked for this guy 10 years ago, and left because he was such a greedy jerk. It seemed that he had changed after a brush with death, and was more in to having people he could trust around him, so when he asked us to come back, we thought it was a good opportunity, since we were going under where we were. I never wanted to leave Kansas City, I miss it so much. I can't even hear it mentioned without crying.
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I'm sure you two will use this opportunity to be in an even better situation. Hang in there things always look darkest before the dawn. We are all here if you need us!
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Sorry, I don't know the background to any of this but could you speak to your boss about remaining as a tenant or maybe negotiating with the new owner? Does it really have to mean that you have to move? Good luck with everything. I hope it works out. Things like this seem really scarey but sometimes they are a blessing in disguise. Let us know how it goes.
Diann in Australia
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How awful for you!! I'm sorry I don't have any good advice, but just so you know I'll be thinking of you!! I really hope you can get this sorted.
I know whats it like to miss a place like you do... I moved away from my home town 2 and a half years ago, and I still miss it!! (not quite as much as I used to, but enough!)

Love to you
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How horrible! We are here for you, shoulders to cry on, cheering when you vent. Things will work out, somehow.
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Just lending another shoulder or ear.

I have the same question Diann did... ???

Please keep us posted.

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They are selling the property on Monday. They said the tenants in the houses will have 3 or 6 months, they don't know (or care), but the garage will be torn down immediately. That leaves us with no place to put thousands of dollars of machine equipment, or my vintage Harley-Davidson. Part of the agreement of going back to work for this greedy swine was the use of the garage for my s/o's custom tattoo machine building business, which this jackass thinks he is going to get in on. This time of year is not a good time try to move, because we are just making the bills. I am going to get my NC driver's license on Monday, and should be able to get a job driving a cab. I know cab drivers that support whole families on what they make, so I am hoping it will be ok. I don't know what he will say when I tell him he is doing a piss poor job of being the head of the house, so I am taking over. I had to do this once before, and it got better, so I am going to try it again. I am tired of hearing all the whining when we are broke, when he is the one that spends all the money. I am not, and never have been one to spend money. I am tired of clipping coupons and doing everything I can do to save money, only to have him waste it. I am sorry to vent, I have never told anyone any of this.
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If ever there was a safe place to vent, this is it!

I think you have been in my house...I am in almost the same situation financially. I have a job, he doesn't and hasn't for almost 2 years. Now he is waiting for a deal to come through (so he won't even get a seasonal job) to bring in money, even though it still may take a few months. Yet we see this one CD Box Set for $80 yesterday and he has the balls to ask if we can afford it! This after I tell him that we need $25 just to cover the necessary bills, not including gas or food.

It gets so frustrating you just want to scream. The only thing I can tell you is that taking things into your own hands is sometimes the only way to make it work. We're here for you whenever you need to vent. Perhaps you could rent a storage space for your bike? I know things are tough, but at least you would know it is safe and secure.
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I know storage places are safe too, and they're dry and you have your own lock and key. It's too bad he's not more inclined to take a part-time thing just to pass by the time, you know? I'm really sorry to hear about your living situation an this money hungry guy. It's probably for the best.
Part of the agreement of going back to work for this greedy swine was the use of the garage for my s/o's custom tattoo machine building business, which this jackass thinks he is going to get in on.
I've known people like that and the best thing to do is get as far away from them as possible. They will eventually bring in the law and SUE to get what they want!. Good luck!
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Krazy Kat2 - my heart aches for you. I've been there. I ended up divorcing mine. I paid alimony.

Please vent if you need to!!!!! ...and as a group, we're not bad at coming up with ideas! Good luck on the driver's test. A friend of our is a Portfolio Manager (he manages money for a living) and he makes a good living. His wife drives a cab - because she wants to work and she loves it. I hope you're pleasantly surprised!
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Thanks for all the support! I guess I can rent another storage unit. This was supposed to be a 3 month temporary house, so everyting except the absolute necessities are already in storage. Business has picked up a little, so it has been a little better. This is usually a really bad time of year for us, so a good week has been a Godsend. I hate to admit this, but wouldn't you think a man that makes $1000+ a week 8 months out of the year, would be able to get through the winter ok? I just don't understand how a man that never goes anyhere can spend so much money! It happens like this every year! I don't mind working at all, but it just chaps my butt for him to be so irresponsible. He is the sweetest man, and treats me very well, but he is just so bad with money. Tools and guitars are going to bankrupt us! To his credit, though, he adores the cats, and doesn't mind at all how much I spend on them. Once when we moved, he went out and bought the biggest cat tree he could find, so they would have it in the new house. Sometimes I wish it was easier to be mad at him!
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You know, some people are good with money and some just have no concept. I had to learn that the hard way that it really is just something hubby has no clue about. To him, we go to WalMart, spend $30, then groceries at say $70, $20 on gas then go home. He has NO IDEA that we spent over $100 and can't see why we are broke all the time. It is just a foreign concept to him. And it always amazes me how he can go through money like it's water. He's not really trying to be selfish, although it feels like that sometimes. He just really doesn't have a clue.

I'm really glad work has picked up for you. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and that things almost always have a way of working things out. Of course, you sometimes have to push for the means to get things worked out, but as they say: Where there's a will there's a way. (Whew, was that a bunch of cliche's or what?!?!)
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I felt so much better when I got up from my computer last time, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I think it's going to be ok. I stress over this every year, and we haven't been evicted or had anything turned off yet, so I guess we are better off than a lot of people. I really sat down and counted my blessings today, and it could be a lot worse. We were going to move around March anyway, we'll just have to find a place with a garage.
I hope all of you know how much you have helped me put things in to perspective. Thanks!
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Krazy Kat...you can vent here anytime you want!! **HUGS**

I don't have any really good advice for you, I wish I did...I feel so bad about what your boss is doing to you and that you will have to move!!! What a jerk!!!

I guess I am lucky with Brent not spending money...I have the opposite problem...he never spends ANY of it...unless it is for the kids or an emergency. I am probably the one who needs my hands slapped for spending money.....I finally got the credit card bills mostly paid off, and lately I have been using it again! I bought a dress for Amber yesterday that I knew I couldn't afford...it was $30 just for the one dress...but it was so beautiful, and it is for 18 months, and I don't have any clothes for her in that size yet, and I thought it would be nice to have her pictures taken in down the road...but yet...I should not have done it. I'm bad sometimes about money.
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Heidi, I totally agree about the "some people just don't get it" thing... Hubby, although generally he's really good with money, just does things that I can't believe!! Like the other week, we didn't have enough money in the bank to cover the mortgage payment, so we transfered the money from a credit card to the account so the mortgage could go out, but once that was gone, we had NO money left at all..... what did hubby do the same night? HE BID ONA CAR ON THE AUCTIONS?!?!?!?!?!? For £300?!?!?!?!?! WHERE did he think we were going to get that money from!?!?!? Thankfully, he didn't win the auction anyway, but gee's!!!
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Any luck finding a place yet?
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My hubby and I both suffer from depression. When he is feeling helpless he tends to spend money. This last time he decided to replace all the windows with vinyl duel paned windows. He converted the frontroom window with a bay window and two of the bedrooms now have a sliding glass door leading to the back yard. I told him next time he feels the urge to spend a chunk of money... I would like hardwood floors LOL. He is so sweet and frustrating at the same time. How do you get mad when he says he got the bay window for the cats???
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No, we really haven't started looking yet. They said it will be a little while before all the arrangements are made, so I guess I might have a little breathing room. I think I am going to make the new owners evict me, so that will add a little more time. If we can make it here through January, it should be ok.
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