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Why is it.....

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....that Ruby MUST wipe her face on the lounge after every meal? I mean, I'm sure it's delicious to her, but we don't really want Nature's Own Chicken with Oats fragrance wafting from our lounges when we sit down!
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Aww Ruby! Thats not very nice
Sorry, I don't have any suggestion to get her to stop Maybe you could drape something over the spot where she does it- something she won't like to rub on. Or you could place a table or something there, and block her from getting to the lounge?

Silly girl but you can't stay mad at that face for long
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GIgi does the same thing
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AJ used to do that too. Maybe you should provide her with a napkin to wipe her face with.
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Maybe she's leaving a little scent for a midnight lick?

(I keep blankets over my furniture)

Ruby is such a sweetie pie!!
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cause you dont wear a dress very often and jeans are not nice to do that on?
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You know what's funny, too - she does it in a kind of hurry cos she knows we're going to tell her to stop. It's like a game now (yes, pointless trying to deter her if that's how we're treating it).

She does this frenzied kind of wipe up and down the back of the lounge, and one of us will shout `WOOBY!' and she'll stop dead and look up, with this crazy `windswept' facial hairdo - dead straight and all over the shop, sticking up. It looks like she's just squeezed her face through a squeedgie and come out the other side!

I'll have to try and catch a pic it's priceless. She's such a funny girl.
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My Spike used to do that aslo, when he would have canned dog food. Hes a poodle, and he has longer hair by his mouth so it gets in the hair, so thats w hy he does it. Does she ha ve poodle in her?
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Yes they are Labradoodles. We actually wipe their mouths after a drink because they drip all over the house otherwise! They love it! I feel like a Mum scrubbing a toddler's dirty face - you know how you're always a bit too rough and they screw up their faces while you do it? It's exactly the same - they get this `awwwwww!' long-suffering look on their faces but I think they like it, too!
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I thought thats what they were. They are very cute. We have to wipe our dogs mouth too. I know the look .
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