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I'm getting bottle babies... I love my boyfriend

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So John came home from work last night and told me about some kittens. He had to go and talk to someone about work and they got to talking about cats... the lady told him that when she visited her brother in the nursing home yesterday, the administrator told her that she has a litter of kittens who just lost their mother about 3 days ago. They've been bottle feeding them but don't really have time to do so... and John told me that he doesn't think the kittens will be alive much longer if someone doesn't step in. And he thinks we need to be the ones to step in and save these babies. So I called the lady that was visiting her brother and she told me that the mom has only been gone for a few days and the people were noticing how much the KMR was costing so she gave them the recipe for "kitten glop". Anyway, she didn't have the woman's home phone number or else I'd have called last night... I will call her at work after 10 this morning and see what the situation is and most likely end up with a litter of bottle babies this evening. I've had bottle babies before, lots, so I know what to expect. I don't know yet how old they are but I'm thinking less than 2 weeks old by the way she talked... and she said she thinks there are 4 of them.
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Good luck with the little ones. Please keep us updated on their progress.
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aw bless you , good luck i hope you can help these kittens. remember find out as much as you can before the intros with your own mum and kittens , you do not want to risk the health of other kittens if these little ones are not healthy.
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Your boyfriend sounds like a keeper! Good luck with the kitties if you get them.
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Ok, just got off the phone with the woman. She explained the situation to me, the four kittens are less than a week old she thinks, she says there eyes are not opened yet but I'll get a more accurate idea of age when they arrive. She's doing her best to help them but works full time at a nursing home... she has been taking them to work with her, but says she really doesn't know what she is doing. She said she just found out today that you have to stimulate them to pee and poop. She's had them about 3 days now. She said there is one that's really "scrawny", and she's afraid he/she might not make it. She said she has to work all day today and all night tonight but she's going to do her best to bring them out to me on her lunch break (I have no way of getting up there today cause the car is gone or else I'd go get them myself)... so they *should* be here in about an hour and a half. She has also said she would like to adopt one when they are weaned because her son is very attached to the tiniest one.
Oh, and this was not a person that let their cat get pregnant... she rescued the kittens from a relative who owned the mother cat and didn't want anything to do with the babies after momma died (hit by a car).
This woman is definitely wonderful for taking them in, she's just really overwhelmed and I'm happy to help her out.
So I'll have pictures and updates of the newest babies later on today hopefully!
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Oh, you are wonderful for taking these babies in. Can't wait to see pics.
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aw , well done for helping this women and the kittens. i do hope all 4 will be ok with no problems. gonna have your hands full for a while.
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Very good of you to take these babies in Good luck!

You are turning into kitten mom lol

As pointed out above, just be careful keeping your cats and kittens away from these little babies you are rescuing until their health has been given a clean bill.
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You are so brave!! Thank you for stepping in to save these little ones
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They're here!!! Two orange, one light orange, and one grey. I'm not positive on an age yet, they're HUGE (compared to Sasha's babies) but their eyes are still closed and they haven't lost their cords yet. The woman had them for about 3 days or so and she says they're under 1 week old but she is not sure exactly how old. She left the KMR and their bottle and cotton balls and stuff with them. She said her 11 year old son will be upset that they're gone because he was helping out a lot with them, even getting up in the middle of the night every two hours to help feed! I told her that I'll keep them updated and that when they are weaned, he can have his favorite (the grey one) back. I'll get pictures soon!
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My goodness your going to have one full house! I hope the kittens continue to do well.
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aww , thank you again for taking in these little ones, do keep us updated with there progress.
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Pictures! Sorry about the poor quality, they were perfect on the camera but they're too dark now. I decided they all needed "Shakespeare" names.

The biggest one, all orange, male, "Romeo":

Middle sized one, all orange, male, "Othello":

Light orange, male, "Hamlet":

Tiny grey one, female, "Juliet":

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Oh bless their little hearts.
And bless you for taking these babies when they need a momma. Im sure you will do a wonderful job with them. You sound like you know what your doing.

Congrats on your extended fur family.....Cant wait for updates

Emma x x
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Aww, thanks for the pics! Good luck with them and keep us posted on how they are doing. Lots of pics is good too!
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They are very sweet looking. Othello looks like he's screaming, "Othello!"
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It sounds like they lost their mum very soon after they were born. They look to be about 4 days old.
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Poor little babies to lose their momma! Thank you for taking care of them!!

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Othello and little Juliet aren't doing so well this morning. They wouldn't eat much in the middle of the night and kept crawling away from their brothers... Othello has eaten a decent amount this morning but despite that he's still screaming but won't eat anymore... I believe he might pull through but I don't expect Juliet to make it through the day. She was already so weak when she got here, she is half the size of her brothers. Those first few days were not good for her. But I'm doing all I can for her, she's warm and comfy but refuses to eat.
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aw i hope she does perk up soon. im so glad they have got the care they need from you. and remember you are doing all you can to help these little ones.sending vibes that this baby pulls through.
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Will she take a couple of cc's of Pedialyte or home-made Pedialyte? http://www.kitten-rescue.com/what_to_feed.html
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Thanks. Both kittens have gotten weaker all day but they're still alive. They're in a box of their own with warm water bottles under the towels. I try to feed them every 20-30 minutes. Othello eats a little bit and Juliet will swallow a tiny amount of formula. I'll give the pedialite a try.
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are you using a bottle or a syringe? I used a syringe, that way you can kind of force feed it, they don't have to suck. I hope they pull through.
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Little Othello didn't make it... Juliet is still hanging in there.
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Ah no. Thank you for trying so hard.
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Have you put any corn syrup on her nose? Sometimes that helps...Come on babies!
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So sorry to read about Othello. I had a soft spot for the little fella as I love that name. RIP Othello.

Secondly, well done for taking these babies in. Sounds like you are working hard over here so good luck and lots of good vibes to you.

Please babies...your foster mommy is doing everything for you...come on guys...get strong!
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
Have you put any corn syrup on her nose?
I put a tiny bit of caro syrup on her gums a little while ago as I read that's a good idea, and got some pedialyte in her. I've never seen a kitten with as much will to live as this little girl. I hope she pulls through... she's a fighter.
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Forgot to add, the other two boys are strong and very chubby and doing very well. John took one look at little Hamlet and said "he's mine, we're keeping him"... lol.
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Thank you for taking the little kitties in .

I'm sorry to read that you had one to pass. Two going strong and the little girl being a fighter (come on little girl!) is a good sign. Keep up the good work !

LOL! Already have a home for Hamlet then, huh .
Please keep us posted on Juliet.

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