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My thousands dollar kitty.

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I found this site while I was looking for info about my cat. Hopefully you guys might be able to help me with all the questions I have (I'll post those later).
I have two cats (one actually belongs to my sister now, but she's across the country for the summer, so I get my kittie back for the time being, lol.)

My first kitty is Zorro. He has a long, sad story behind him.
I found him in the ditch when he was a little over two weeks old. He was COVERED in fleas. You could actually see and feel them crawling all over him. I picked him out of the ditch, and all I felt was a bag of bones. He was litterally a skeleton. I rushed him into the emergency vet(it was after hours) to see if they could do anything.
They told me he was EXTREMELY amemic from all the fleas, and they asked me if I wanted them to put him down. I'm an animal lover, and my heart went out to this pour little bag of bones, so I told them no. I told them to do whatever they could for him.
They told me that all they could do was give him some capstar (which they said might kill him because its only safe for kittens over 2 lbs or something, and Zorro was only 0.4lbs). They said to take him home, feed him and keep him warm, but they didn't think he would make it through the night.
I stayed up all night with him stroking him and talking to him. (I had never had a cat before, I actually didn't really like them all that much until Zorro came along)
Come morning he started having horrible mucosy diarrhea. I took him into the vet as soon as they opened. The vet there also asked if I wanted them to put him down. I again said no, just do what you can for the little guy, he deserves a chance.
The vet gave him a dewormer and checked him over. We found out that he had a deformed bottom jaw(also known as parrot mouth), and that he had NO teeth. Not even milk teeth. The vet didn't think he would make it, but said that I was a good person for trying and not to get too upset if he didn't get better.
I started taking Zorro everywhere with me. To the grocery store, the mall, the petsore. EVERYWHERE. I wouldn't let him out of my site. It was like worried mommy syndrome, lol. He was so small that I could just stick him in my coat pocket.
I brought him back to the vets a few days later, and they gave him a booster and another deworming. I took him to a different vet this time, and the vet was amazing. You could tell me really loved and felt for the cat, and that he wanted him to make it. He gave me hope.
Zorro started picking up weight and getting better. He started to walk around and even started playing(he was around 9 weeks old when he started having the energy to play). I was so excited!
I took him in for his vaccinations, and what do we find? That Zorro STILL doesn't have any teeth! The vet was puzzled, but said that maybe he's just a late bloomer because of everything that happened.
Zorro's vet visits started comming less often, but he was still a very needy cat. He would get a tiny scratch, and get an infection. His legs never grew, so he can't jump and run very good, and his teeth didn't even start growing in until he was almost 6 monthes old!
He was finally healthy enough to undergo anethetic when he reached 9 monthes old, so I had him neutered. (He had JUST started to spray a little in the litterpan, so it was perfect timing.
He grew up with my mothers dog, so he actually thought he was a dog. He didn't(and STILL doesn't) clean himself because he doesn't think he has to, and he even learned how to bark. It was at that time that we decided to get another kitten to see if it would teach him how to be a kittie.(I'll tell you all about Angel in a moment)
So, Zorro's now a little over 1 1/2 years old. He going to the vet every few monthes(sometimes more than that). Some of him teeth grew in, then rotted. He's had a nasty infection, an adult tooth pulled, and 5 impacted baby teeth pulled.
At the moment, he was 1 upper canine, a canine milk tooth(yes...i said milk tooth) and two or three molars. Thats all that grew in. The bottom canines never even came in. Not even the baby ones. The vet thinks that the teeth he has now might need to be pulled soon. One is starting to look weird already and he just had his teeth pulled a few monthes ago.
Two weeks ago he hurt him left back leg jumping off the couch. (He thinks he can do it, but he really can't) He couldn't walk on it at all, but i put off going to the vet right away just to see if it would heal. It started getting better, but very slowely. It's still not healed. Then, two nights ago, I se him dragging himself along the floor. Now he can't use EITHER ONE of his back legs. He looks to be in alot of pain, so off we go to the vets. I had to go to a different one since his regular vet was out of town.
They gave him a pain injection, and sent him home with a few days of pain meds. She said that it appears to be one of two things. A skeletal problem that predisposes him to joint problems, or feline hip dysplacia.
He has to go in for ex-rays whenever I can scrounge up the money(probably in a few weeks). Then we'll know for sure whats going on.
We don't expect him to live for much longer. We think we'll be lucky to get 3-5 years out of him, but we still think its worth it. Everyone deserves a second chance. Especially at life.
I call him my thousands dollar kitty, and he means the world to me.
Here are a few pictures.

Angels your typical everyday kitty. Nice and healthy, spayed, and vaccinated. He's a littel shy around everyone, espacially new people, but she warms up eventually. She's very talkative and loves to voice her opinion.

Sorry for such the long post. I think thats everything important though.
(Just a little about me...I do livestock at a pet store. I love my job!)
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Welcome to TCS!

Well done on looking after Zorro! What a great Mummy you are!

They are both gorgeous kitties! Do they get along?
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oh thats such a sad sad story-poor little zoro for all he has gone thru.what a beautiful baby
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Oh they LOVE each other. They sleep together all the time.
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Welcome to TCS!

Your story about Zorro is so touching! Bless you for taking him in and giving him a warm loving home. I hope he can be with you for many more years.

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Welcome to TCS!
Your story brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful thing you have done!
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What a wonderful person you are! Both of your kids are beautiful. Thank you so much for caring about a little kitten who got the chance he deserved. I know he has brought you happiness!
I am so glad that little Zooro has a best friend in Angel!
Welcome to TCS!
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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Welcome to TCS!
Your kitties are beautiful!
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I fell in love with Zorro just from the pictures! Thank GOD that he has you and you have him! Angel is lovely too.
Welcome to TCS!
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Thank you for all the hello's and welcomes. This forum seems to be much more relaxed and not as judgemental as other forums. i hope to meet a bunch of new people and learn lots of new things.
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Bless your heart! What a wonderful mommy you are! Zorro is a little cutie pie! We never know how many years any of us are going to make it. The little guy may surprise you and live a long kitty life. He sure has the will to be a survivor!!!!
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God bless you!!!!!! What a wonderful person u r!!! U r such an angel!!!!!!!!
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What a little survivor that one is! Your babies are so adorable!

Welcome to TCS!
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Hi welcome to TCS! Your babies are precious!
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Hello and welcome to TCS. You are such an angel for helping Zorro along his long journey..and Angel is just a cute..They must be best friends..
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You are doing a wonderful thing with Zorro, they are both lovely.

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Your babies are so adorable
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