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the Daily Thread HUMP DAY! 5-2-07

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Hump Day, the week is halfway over!

HOT HOT HOT here, but maybe some rain tonight. We could use it. Not a lot else going on, just some yardwork.

And BOY OH BOY - Nat, I just KNEW you were saving up those stinky buttocks for today's holiday!!!

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Good morning everyone, coffee is ready.

You are at work early today Neet.
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Good evening!

I have actually downloaded all the fuzzy show pics and will *gasp* put them up for all to see how camera challenged I am!

BTW I ended up buying a Nikon coolpix S200 - pretty cool actually and really quite idiot proof!

It's a very hot and humid 88F here so - today's holiday is very appropriate!
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Originally Posted by LSULOVER View Post
Good morning everyone, coffee is ready.

You are at work early today Neet.
Yeah, back on the early train for awhile...
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
Yeah, back on the early train for awhile...

I am sorry
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Morning!! Be kind to smelly people I've got to be honest here. People that smell turn my stomach Watch me get one on my bus home tonight

My roofs repaired as well so it can rain all it wants now
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Gotta go and get ready to greet the little rug rats, I hope everyone here has a great day, C U when I get home this evening.

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Morning all

The week is full of holidays for Nat

It actually feels kinda chilly here this morning, I turned on the heater because it was so cold when I got out of the shower! But it is supposed to be a nice day
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Morning everyone.Not much new here either.It's suppose to rain for a day or so.The grass doesn't need it, but that's ok.
Seth was finally given the ok to go outside at his appt. yesterday.WOO HOO!!! He can't play, but he can sit and he's all for that for now.His lung is still really diminished sounding she said and she is worried about the one wound--it's not closing up as fast as the other.But, he has an appt. with his Thorasic surgeon on she'll decide if it needs a few stitches or not.
He's also off school for atleast another week----can you all imagine how heart broken he is about that?LOL!!!!
Have a GREAT day all.
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And the stinky buttocks day?! Wow this is going to be a good day for Nat, I can already tell

Have a great days cat peeps, I know I will
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A sunny and temps around 60 today.
My cold is still hanging on (cough and plugged ears) but a bit more energy today.
Going to local botanical garden with a SIL this morning, stopping at a clients to remove a couple of dead shrubs, going to do some shopping then, stop my DH office so company nurse can remove stitches. Maybe see if the used laptop I want to buy from his IT dept is ready. Depending how my finger feels I might try some more weeding this afternoon.

Have a good smell free day.
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