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10 week old not eating

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Hi there, we brought Max, our ten week old kitten home last night and he hasnt eaten a thing. The lady we got her from said he hardly eats, so she fed him kitten milk. He just plays with water too. He is healthy in every other way. Does anyone know how I can encourage him to eat, or any other advice? We also have his sister and she eats fine. Thanks
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What are you giving him to eat? At 10 weeks, it is slightly early to be taken from mumcat (the ideal is 12 weeks) but he should be fully weaned. Try mixing some wet kitten food with water to make a thick mix like a thickshake consistency. You can also soak dry kitten food in hot water until it's a nice mush, let it cool until it's just slightly warm and see if he'll eat that. Try feeding from a small plate or even a clean jar lid.
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Oh and welcome to TCS.
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It might be because he's in a new house?. I would keep an eye on him though because i know kittens need food little and often.

Are you taking him to be checked over by the vet anyway?
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we have powdered kitten milk which i give him warm mixed with water, his sister loves that but not him. And we have kitten dried food, which his sister also loves but not him. He didnt eat much in his first home with his mum either apparently. He kept trying to suckle milk from her but there was none left. will try the jar lid and the warm wet dried food this evening.....he is soooo active so he must be hungry!
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I would suggest a trip to the vet - which you should do anyway. But it just doesn't seem right that a "healthy" kitten isn't eating. Since kittens don't really have any fat or stored nutrition because of their age and size, they can get sick very quickly. I think a vet could check him out and also provide some food that will supply him with the nutrition that he needs.
Also, welcome to TCS!
Keep us posted on the little guy!
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