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Need ur opinions please

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Ok so last night I was doing alot of make up school work and also trying to get ahead seeing how next week will be sort of hectic, and I am already nervous for my senior project presentation and I still have over a week

Well for my senior project I am making a power point as my visual aide, now I thought of also doing brochures for the judges just to give them a little bit more information and also put some stories of kids that werent as lucky in it! So do u guys think this is a good idea or bad? O btw my senior project is on Child Abuse! Now I got a good grade on my paper, well a 74 and it would have been a high b/ low a but word wasnt working for me for my bib entries! But I am still happy with that and now they rest of the grade which can higher that to an A as a final is my presentation! So please give me your opinions on this!

I forgot to add that you only need one visual aide, but I want them to get something about the kids that werent fortunate enough, like I will add some signs, what it is, how to identify it, and also how to report it! OR do you guys think I should put the stories in my actual presentation and powerpoint?
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It's always a great idea to include something extra special when giving a presentation or working on a portfolio. It shows that you've given things a lot of thought and went above and beyond the requirements of the assignment. The only drawback would be is if you spent so much time working on the extra stuff that the required items lack the quality they are looking for.

So, if everything is high quality and you have extra time, go for it.
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I think it would be good also to include one or two stories in your presentation. You don't want your presentation to be just stories because I'm sure the profs are looking to see what your findings are, but it's good to provide some stories to illustrate your findings.

I did a presentation this semester for my thesis project (which was on homelessness) and I included two clips from video interviews I did, which worked great. Obviously that's not possible in your case but maybe reading quotes from those kids or telling part of their stories would work just as well.

Adding extra material could help too. Make sure your important findings are in your presentation and that the extra material adds to it rather than saying the same thing.

Good luck!
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When I was in nursing school we had to do a presentation and I picked child abuse too. I got an "A+" for the paper and presentation.

It's important to not bore people through strictly talking or through reading material alone. Some included visuals go along way to helping people really see and understand. I included images of child abuse injuries, and how you can tell the difference between a child falling and getting hurt in the play ground vs. one that has been injured through abuse.

I also had some text books with images and cases highlighted and passed them around so people could have a better look at the images and stories if they wanted to.

One aspect of child abuse that is quite often ignored, or forgotten about is "Munchausen by Proxy". I went to a medical library and dug out several examples where a parent has intentionlly inflicted harm on their child in order to garner attention and sympathy from the hospital staff.

Here is a link about Munchausen by Proxy. You may want to mention it in your presentation and perhaps give a couple of examples of such cases.

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