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Freak out

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Have any of your cats ever freaked you out? I panicked because I could not find my Peedoodle anywhere, I looked all over the apartment, and I just couldnt find him, I thought maybe he had somehow gotten outside and gotten lost, and hubby and I looked and looked for him, we called for him, and about 10 minutes later, I spotted a paw poking out from under the closet door - we had just put our jackets in the closet and he must have walked in without us noticing - now every time I open a closet, I always make sure Peedoodles not in there when I close up. But Im glad he decided to tell us by giving us a 'hands up' or is it a 'paws up'?
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One of my big freak outs was one of the first times we took Trent out onto the balcony. We lived on the second floor and from his perspective he thought he could jump up and land on the edge of the railing. How could he know that the railing sloped down, outward? He jumped, and before I could grab him over the edge he went. I don't think I ever flew down stairs as fast as I did that night. Then, Trent was just scared and freaked out that these unknown things (hubby and I) were now chasing him and they knew his name! Finally, Trent got in a lighted area, sidewalk and turned and saw it was Daddy behind him. He paused just long enough for hubby to grab him.

We were so lucky. There was some juniper type low bushes right below us and that's what Trent landed on which broke his fall. Otherwise he would have landed on landscaping rocks. He was fine, though. Not even a sore leg. Of course we watched him like a hawk for the next week at least.

He never did try to jump on the top of the railing again.
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My s/o needed to go to the emergency room, and while I was loading him in the car with a broken leg, Fred ran out. It was either leave him out while I took my s/o to the hospital, or make him wait im agony while I chased Fred down. Fred had been an indoor/outdoor cat for years, and had never strayed far, so I had to leave him outside. 2 hours later when we returned, Fred was nowhere to be found. I ran around outside screaming his name, and saw a little figure run across 2 lanes of traffic, across a big field, and under a neighbor's car. A few minutes later, he walked out like he had been there the whole time. I found out later he had been across the street at the store, mooching. The lady said she had sold several cans of cat food for people to feed the "poor little abandoned kitty." He is old and kind of raggedy looking, so people were feeling sorry for him. That cat has never missed a meal in his life! If I hadn't been so relieved to have him back, I would have wanted to kick his little kitty butt!
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