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more craziness

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This morning I was sitting in my bedroom when a bird came flying into my house, it got in through the messed up screen door because the screen is coming apart. Well I am sitting in my room and hear this strange noise and look up to see a little brown bird, which I think was a sparrow, fly into my room and I began screaming and Tavia began trying to catch it well at some point it circles around my bedroom and then heads back down the hallway and perches on a electric cord that goes to the ceiling fan and then it flies back out the door. I freaked out the whole time and it sounded so weird flying that close and I still don't know what made it fly into my house.
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ahha, that reminds me of coming home from school once, and finding broken stuff all over the floor and i was thinking oh great someone broke in the house.

well i hear flap flap flap, and a blue bird, came down the stairs with my RB kitty right behind it, into the living room it goes up on the table my mother had there, followed with crash of a oil lamp, will i locked up the kitty, open the door outside and manged to chase it out, all i can thing of is the bird, must h ave come down the fire place,

lol man was my mother mad when she got home.
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That is too funny! We have them EVERYWHERE at the shelter i work at. They LOVE stealing lost bits of dog and kitty food. They always seem to fly down right after i feed the dogs and are always singing. They've made nests above several of the kennels (soooo annoying to clean up!) but they are really cute though
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Sounds like u had quit a day A bird is def better than a BAT flying into ur house! This happened here a looooooong time ago, and well no one believed me when I started freaking out until it flew by them I was soo worried for my animals ecs my bunni But we got it out with our fishing net that was a VERY EVENTFUL day, we still don't even know how the bat got in the house
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It seems like birds will get in my garage as I keep the back service door open for the cats-them opening the garage doors freaks the bird out more until it finally senses freedom!!
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A bird is def better than a BAT flying into ur house
How's this for a bat story---I went into our basement one afternoon to do yet another load of laundry. Just as I turned on the light I saw a brown object on the floor and, figuring I'd dropped a balled-up sock my last trip downstairs, I gave it a kick. I stopped and looked at it a little closer, and my first thought was, "That's the biggest d*mned spider I've ever seen!" (I could actually feel my eyes opening wider and wider! ) About that time, these 2 wings came out from the 'spider's' sides and I said, "Oh, s**t!" So, the bat is between me and the stairway, and there's nobody home but me. I kept waiting for him to start flying, but he just sort of crawled across the floor. I grabbed a nearby 25 gallon bucket and put it over him, setting it down on 1 wing before I got him covered. (and yeah, I felt bad about kicking him then putting a bucket on his wing), I got a piece of cardboard and slid it under the bucket and carried the whole thing VERY carefully up the stairs and outside. When I uncovered the bucket the bat took off, never to be seen again.
The only way he could have gotten into my basement was to come down the chimney and thru the vent for the hot water heater. The poor thing must have been half dead when I found him on the floor; now wonder he didn't put up much of a fight---that vent is always hot, especially when I'm doing laundry. I worried about the little guy the rest of the day, hoping I hadn't hurt him.
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