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quick question..

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Hopefully this won't be moved for not being in the pregnant cat and kitten care section.. putting it here since the most people seem to be here..

So I am a vet tech, I just got a job at an emergency clinic, last night (my 4th day) someone came in with a kitten they had found by itself with no mother in their neighborhood. They advised they did not have money for treatment of the kitten and since it was not theirs they were looking to surrender it over. I could have given them the numbers to shelters but they aren't open at 12am at night and the kitten was barely clinging to life. The vet I work for advised that we simply cannot take in patients from people because they will get the idea it is a "drop in spot". I didn't get that impression from the people who brought the kitten in at all. They were trying to do the right thing at a strange time of night and didn't have hundreds to spend on a kitten that wasn't theres. Its a newborn, still had the cord attached, and was ice cold. The doctor wouldn't even look at it because he was so upset over me taking it. I've bottle fed many kittens before but none this young, the youngest litter was 2 weeks or so but I am familiar with the feeding frequency, etc. So thats what I did.

Today he is better than yesterday, hes fattened up a bit. Hes definitely at his two day old marker today. His cord hasn't fallen off but it appears to be close to it. My concern is that his two back legs don't move like his front ones and are darker in color, I assumed it was lack of hair on them but now I'm thinking the blood may not be circulating properly and it seems like they are colder than the rest of him. I am regretting not bringing him to another vet today for a check up but everything seemed fine until now. I am thinking of rushing him into work and trying to get the vet (my boss) to look at him. He has been eating vigorously though, pooping peeing and is staying warm. So my delima about bringing him in is that now my boss seems angry at me for taking the kitten in. I really can't loose my job. I am thinking I should just take it to another vet.
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That's a tough situation- i would take him to another vet if you are able to. if not though- take him and have your boss look at him. also- please keep him warm -do you have him on a heating bad? that will help warm him up a bit if he's cold- also, fleecy blankets work well (on top of the heating pad) or those fleecy cuddle beds too to keep them really warm. he needs a stuffie (stuffed animal) in there to for snuggling/security.
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Bless your heart for taking care of this kitten... and I hope someday your boss develops half the humanity you've got.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Bless your heart for taking care of this kitten... and I hope someday your boss develops half the humanity you've got.
Yep, I don't know what he is doing being a vet if he doesn't seem to care about animals.

I would ask if if he will look at the kitten, if he don't I would take it to another vet.

Please let us know how the kitten is doing.
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