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Thank you all..

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For the well wishes and thoughts for Twig. (and for me too). I feel like I can come and tell you all anything and you'd understand or have some answer to make it better. You all are just fantastic.
I took him to the vets today and they gave him more antibiotics and said his puncture is very deep. They cleaned out some of the dead skin on it but said overall it was healthy tissue and looking ok. Nothing we can do about him licking it because it is bothering him. His temp also went up to 102.2 but they thought that might be due to him being so upset about being at the vets.
I gave him all his pills after I got off work today and when we got home from Davenport he seemed to be better then he's been the last three days.
Maybe he just needed an extra little boost of infection fighters (or whatever it was they gave me to give him) to make him feel a little bit better. Whatever it was, I hope it keeps making him feel good and healing his tail.
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Aww i'm glad Twig is better.

This place is great therapy when we need to let off steam of just have friends around
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Sure glad he's doing alot better, Barb. It is scary when they are hurt, but coming here and talking to other cat peeps sure helps!
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