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New home 4 Buddy-likes to poop in basement!

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I recently(4 days ago) brought my cat Buddy, who is used to being an outside cat, to a larger house where he is indoors only. He seems to be satisfied b/c he has much room and plently of windows to gaze out. However, we have had another cat, Kitty for 11 years, we have kept them seperate from the beginning, with only 2 accidental encounters.
So Buddy has his own litter box downstairs and one in the basement. However he likes to poop in the corner of the basement, on the floor....the basement is mostly unfinished in the back and dusty and sandy.
I am hoping that he just thinks he is outdoors and will soon realize the litter box is for both 1 & 2!
I moved the litter box right next to the spot where he pooped and put some of his poo in there, but he still pooped next to it... he did pee in it though...
Anyone with advice?
p.s. we use pine pellets.
-le chat noir
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Welcome to TCS!

It is possible that he doens't like the pine pellets. I would try a clay litter.

I've had outdoor cats come indoors & had to use straight dirt to get them transitioned!
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I agree, it sounds like he is trying to tell you he would prefer a litterbox with a litter that is more the texture of where he is pooping. Why don't you leave the one upstairs the way it is until you run out of that litter, and change the one downstairs to something more like sand? Then CLEAN the spot he's going in with pet stain cleaner and put the box on it with his poo in it.

One thing to remember is that cats are as stressed out and disgusted by going outside the box as we are, and there is always a reason for it. It is hardwired instinct for them to cover their tracks so to speak.
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If I understood, lechatnoir's basement floor is a lot like mine - literally "dirt". If that's the case, you'll need to make that litterbox VERY attractive for Buddy. It needs to me somehow more attractive than the floor. So yes, I agree - ditch the pine pellets for something that seems more natural for Buddy.
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Thank you guys!
These are great suggestions....I know Buddy is a 'well mannered cat'- he buried the basement poops with as much debris as he could! I will definitely change the litter type!
-Le Chat Noir
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It's also possible that he wants a box for each of his "functions" because being outside, he wouldn't do them in the same place. I would get another box and put it right on top of the preferred pooping spot.
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