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Neighbor's dog

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Not sure if this belongs here or not but....
Ok, my friends neighbor has a beautiful Sheeba Inu. His name is King. All winter whenever we would go outside to smoke, this poor dog was outside. I'm talking 2,3,4 am. And this is upstate NY. It was cold. I called the local Humane Society and complained. Nothing happened. I called the local police station and complained. Nothing happened. This poor dog frooze all winter with no shelter at night, in the cold. How wrong would it be to just take the dog while he's outside in the middle of the night?
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aww that is just terrible - has anyone had chance to speak with the owners at all ? Not sure about taking the dog in - what sort of temperament has it got ? you never know
Maybe you could put a box with some old carpet /rug over it & some blankets for King to use thats got to be better than no shelter at all - just a thought !
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That poor thing. I know in our towns here in IA the dogs MUST have a shelter if they are left outside. I would call another organization that deals with animals. Animal shelters might know of rescue places and help you take action to help the dog.
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Honestly, I would talk to the owner nicely about it and ask him if you can have the dog. my neighbor has a yellow lab that lives outside 24/7 and me and my parents have brought blankets for him to sleep on and they were gone the next day. but the guy does pay attention to him more now thank goodness. If he gives you the dog I would research the breed. good luck!
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Thirty years ago, the people who lived next to my inlaws had a beautiful Irish Setter pup they kept in their backyard. My inlaws put a bucket of water and one of food over the fence as soon as they realized that the owners weren't doing so. The puppy was kept outside fulltime, with no shelter.
We called the SPCA, the local pound and the police. They all said that the pup would most likely be dead before it made it through the legal system. the SPCA person advised us to take the pup, if we had a location it could go to away from the owner's house. So we took her.
The owner's never put up flyers or asked any of the neighbors about their pup, so that lessened my guilt. I would have returned her if they had seemed worried.
We were fortunate that she suffered no health issues from her lack of care. I was with her when she died at age 10. I still miss her.

I honestly don't know that I would do the same thing now as the laws have changed to protect pets better and quicker. But we did call about the dogs living next to my mother in a similar situation to what you described. They did come out and the neighbors became better. I may be calling again when the heat hits.
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Are you able to take the dog?
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well here's the thing, they also have a yellow lab and he looks to be in great condition. the sheba on the other hand looks kinda ratty. (no ofense to the actual rat babies running around) i've played with the dog in the middle of the night when his owners were sleeping, he seems to be a very loving boy. my parents have one sheba already and are willing to take king. unfortunatly, there are no other organizations in this area to help with the neglect and abuse of animals other than the local humane society, and they've been no help. i just don't know what to do.
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I would ask them if you can take the dog, I really would but the thing is that can happen is they could get another dog and do the same thing.
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