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An unnecessary surgery!

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Hi everyone. I just wanted to tell you all about a terrible mistake a vet made. My friend took a feral cat into a vet to get shots and to get it fixed. She didn't know the cat well at first, but it was friendly enough that she became fond of it and wanted to do the right thing so she took him to the vet. She didn't know the sex of the cat, but why would that matter right? The vet will check right? Well to her surprise and mine this vet didn't even check the sex of the cat before performing surgery to spay him! Yep...you heard it right, spay HIM! She became aware of the mistake when a few days later she had to take the cat to an emergency clinic because the sutures were opening up!. The vet there informed her that her cat was male and that he had already been neutered! I've never heard of such thing. We couldn't believe the vet performed this surgery before checking the sex! Anyways, to make a long story short...the vet made every excuse possible to avoid a refund or even an apology. Denied everything, told her it was her fault that she didn't tell them he was male etc etc. My friend is doing whatever possible to take action against this hospital!
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That is horrific! Did the vet say he thought that the testicles didn't descend and that he opened up the cat to find the testicles? I can't imagine any other excuse that the vet could have come up with! Sheesh!
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Did they actually remove anything?
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No, the office assistant person first said that my friend should have put the sex of the cat on the registration form, basically blaming her. But later when my friend confronted the vet, the vet tried to say that my friend had told her that another clinic performed the surgery. I don't know, it's a very crazy story. My thought is the vet should have at least refunded her money and apologized. After the incision opened up, the emergency vet told her to take the cat back to the vet who performed the surgery because he felt they should correct their error. So that's what my friend did. They had to board the cat for several days because of infection - so needless to say, the bills were quite large. Almost $400 after all was said and done. A huge bummer when the cat only needed shots - not to mention what the cat went through!
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Well I don't think they removed anything. We're thinking they opened him up, realized there wasn't a uterus and that she was actually a he and sutured him up. Acted like everything was great when my friend went to pick him up. Unreal.... I still can't believe it and I've told this story a thousand times. Something needs to happen to that clinic!
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Hi Tinakitty-

That is really to bad about what happened. I did remove the name and location of the clinic off this thread though, as it could cause some problems down the road for the webmistress here.

Your friend should file a grievance with the American Veterinary Association so they can start a file and an investigation against this sloppy vet. It must have been a kitten right? If your friend could not determine the sex of it? At any rate, I am sorry it happened, and I hope you understand why the name and location had to be removed.
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No problem......
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Late post but just the same I'd be horrified to find out that my cat had unnecessary sugery. Your friend is NOT to blame in any circumstance here. The vet should've have known that she was really a he. For goodness sakes, that's what they go to vet school for isn't it?
Did they even tell her about the mistake? OMG I'd kill! My cats are my only children and much like a mom, I will protect my "kids" from anything under the sun.
one time my fiancee had his friend over to see his new computer (now mind you I've never seen this guy before so this is a first impression thing) well he was eh,ok not a great guy but ok UNTIL one of my cats tried to get up into his lap(something they do to us and everyone else that comes here) and this guy SLAPS my cat away from him! OMG did he regret it. Needless to say, he's not to ever be in my house EVER again! I don't care if he is on his death bed needing a place to go, he will never be here.
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