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Sebastian Photos

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Thought I would post some photos of my guy who is starting to feel a bit better

Just brought this little bed home for Daphne but Seb seems to like it (excuse the tissue on the floor - Daphne discovered TP while I was at work, it is everywhere!)

Some tongue shots

Classic look:

And a moment where he was feeling a bit playful. The glowing eyes seemed to fit
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He is gorgeous I really love his colouring!! Is he a Tonkinese?
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I'm not sure what he is. He came to live with me when he was about a year old. The family across the street had him and their children used to toss him around like he was a ball They always left him outside even as a kitten.

He took to sleeping on my mother's porch to stay out of the weather. When I moved in with her for awhile, he decided to move in the same day. Neighbors said they didn't want him anyway. He's been my guy ever since He's such a sweetie considering where he came from.

He does look like a Tonk and some say applehead Siamese or siamese mix.
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Ohhhh thats sooo good of you to take him on , poor fella my heart cringes when I hear of cats being treated like that....he is just lovely , if I were guessing I 'd say he might be a Tonkinese.
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AWE seb u are just such a handsome boy, so GORGEOUS
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aww Seb is such a handsome guy - give that chin some scritches from us
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what a hansome seb you have their-he is really really lovely
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