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I have got to stop going to Petsmart!

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I went there for cat food last night, and I know better, but went into the adoption area anyway. In the first cage was this huge goofy looking black cat with beautiful green eyes. He rolled over on his back and stuck both paws out to me, and I was done. I want him so bad! I stuck my hand in the cage and he laid his big head in my hand, and it felt like I had my big boy, Leo, back. I lost him a short while ago to feline leukemia. His bio card say he is good with other cats. I am living in a 1 bedroom house with 3 cats right now, and my head says I just don't have the room for a new cat. Pearl has just started to trust us, and it would not be fair to her after 2 years to cause her a setback. She has lived almost exclusively in my closet since I have had her, up until about 3 weeks ago. The other cat, Rex, is in a no-kill situation, so that is not something I have to wory about. His people were both shipped out to Afghanistan at the same time, that is how he ended up in the shelter. I really hope someone adopts him soon!
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That's exactly why I don't go to Petsmart very often! Of course, hubby always wants to go see the adoption center, and I end up prying myself away from the loves that are there. *SIGH*

I understand.
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I keep saying I wont go back to the adoption center, but I still do. It makes me happy to give the kitties attention I dont feel bad because it is no-kill shelters that adopt them out. But, a day after, it makes me want to get another one.
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All I can say is, it's a good thing we don't have Petsmart here or I would be a gonner! I am still being interviewed by prospective babies but haven't found my new owner yet. His name will be Belvedere and I will know him when I see him. Actually, he sounds like he is living in Petsmart! Ship him out to me!
Diann in Australia
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Diann, I was just going to say a similar thing!! We do have Petsmart here, but they DON'T have animals in them (well, not cats or dogs anyway, only hammies, guinea pigs, gerbils etc), I'm so glad they don't have kitties as I have a hard enough time trying to stop my self buying a guinea pig (or 4!!) :laughing:

Where I used to live, there was a rescue centre at the end of my road.. I was soooo bad, I'd go there almost everday to look at all the cats and dogs.. and every time I'd come home begging hubby to let me have another one!! (it worked for a while...!!)
Thankfully now we have moved, I'm not as near it so I can't go so often, though hubby and I do make regular trips there "just to look" of course..
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I personally think it's wrong for them to stock any animals at all! I have my reasons which I can't go into but it's something that would upset people here.

The next cat we get will be the one no-one wants from the shelter. I feel so sorry for them. Real cat lovers will want all the cats there including the ugly ones, I get annoyed at people who just get a handsome cat to show off to their neighbours etc.

I remember one cat at Bleakholt Animal Santuary in the UK. It had it's ears perminantly flattened, I would have taken him home that minute if I was able too (I was on my cycle). We went back up and he'd gone to a good home

BTW Bleakholt is a fantastic shelter, it's in the countryside and the cat pens are HUGE!
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BuNN - Just like me!! The more sad/ill/neglected they look, the more I want them!! I always want the ones cowering in the corner shivering...
On our last visit to the local RSPCA, I just fell in love with a Saluki/Lurcher cross dog, he was sooooooo beautiful to me (he was thin and scraggy to most people) he had the softest most gentle nature and just looked thoroughly miserable in there, he came and poked his nose through the bars so I could stroke him, but only after I'd been sat talking to him for about 15 mins. I soooooooo wanted to take him home, it broke my heart to leave him there!!
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The feelings we have for animals is so strong. I burst into tears if I watch Animal Hospital etc. It's got to the stage where I can't watch them

It boils my blood to see people go into a shelter and walk past a cat/dog that they feel is too ugly for them. All cats/dogs are beautiful, and they should all have good homes. I'm now in the middle of persuading the 'boss' to let us get another cat. There's little chance due to the expence in vet bills and insurance only covers large bills, then that's if you're lucky :/

Suki went into the vets this year with cystitis. The vet feared she may have a tumor as excessive urinating is a sign of that. So we let him x-ray her and check her out. He was so good when it came to the bill. He asked if she was insured, I said yes. So we gave him the details. He contacted the insurance who refused to pay out because she has had cystitis before and it was a pre-existing condition. What total bumf! During this time Suki got better, in fact she got better almost straight after we started giving her Bob Martins Conditioning tablets (which she loves). Anyway back to the insurance, the insurance company messed about for ages then they told us they wouldn't pay, as mentioned above.

I contacted the vet who hadn't been paid and asked him the price. It came to £150, so I had that saved and paid up. I have no problems in paying out alot of money for our cat, but the insurance firm are a waste of space.

Anyway I'm off track now, lol.

Like you Bod when we go for another cat we'll get the most unhappy cat there. The one that's spent along time there. I love ALL cats, but I'd give a home to one of the unlucky ones first.
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BuNN tell me about it!! We had a nightmare with our first insurance company!! None of the cats had ever been ill but one day one of our babies was taken to the vet and found to have liver and kidney failure, we either had her put to sleep or let her die, so we had her put to sleep It took us over 6 months to get the insurance compnay to pay up!! We had to threaten them with action from our soliciter, then all of a sudden they rang us... funny that.
Having said that though I could never be without insurance, as Monty was once rushed in for an emergency operation for a "telescoped intestine" and the bill came to £700, which we could never have afforded... so I was VERY glad to have him insured!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand...
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I swore I'd never go back to PetSmart too, but there I go, every week, and I cry every time. I ignore the tiny kittens - they have each other to play with, I just talk to the older cats who have been at the shelter a long time.

Now BuNN, I don't understand your objection to PetSmart (and I don't think I really want to know). Do you object to having pets for adoption from the humane society there? Our local store has a schedule for all of the local humane societies and cat rescues to bring in their cats for adoption, and they are only there for a few days at a time. And in my imagination, I know that the only reason they are only there for a few days is that each and every one of them has found a new home.
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BuNN, they don't actually sell cats and dogs at PetSmart stores. They donate space and employee time for the local rescue organizations to put them up for adoption. They have been spayed or neutered, immunized, and given a clean bill of health. The only charge for the vet care. At the ones I have seen, they only actually keep cats in the stores and hold adoption fairs for the dogs. A lot of the donated space goes to older cats that might otherwise go unnoticed in the shelters. They even try to adopt out bonded pairs together. I was not sure if you were aware of that.
I, too, object to the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores. In the US, we have bad problems with puppy mills, and many states have passed laws regulating sales, and in some cases, prohibiting them altogether. In several Midwestern states, they actually conducted raids like they do with drug dealers. Kicking in doors, confiscating property, and such. It was heartbreaking to see the condition of some of those animls.
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Sammie, I could be wrong and shouldn't probably speak for BuNN, but I don't think he is against them having adoption areas, you see in the UK we don't have that in Petsmart anyway, I think he was just saying he doesn't like the fact that animals are still sold in pet shops for his own personal reasons.

Sorry to speak for you BuNN, I'll shut up now!!
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I have nothing against them doing it the US so long as it's done correctly, BUT in the UK a certain large company sold hamsters, rabbits etc to the public. At one particular branch unsold animals were 'removed'. I will not go into details about how they were removed, but it wasn't nice.

Alot of these companies are selling animals as pets to us. To them they are money, nothing else. What happens when they can't sell them? (I mean hamsters, rabbits etc) What do they do with them? They can't keep them. Okay some may go to good homes but unfortunatly some don't and have to be disposed of. Now if large companies can guarentee (spelling) that these animals if unsold are going to sent to a good home then I'm happy (working along side welfare orgs.). But in one case highlighted some time back in a large national UK newspaper, they were disposed of in a most horrible manner.

If I could I'd take every hamster, rabbit, guinea pig etc out and get them homes, as it is I can't and it makes me sick.

Don't get me wrong, like I said above, if it's done in conjuction with animal welfare then fine, but alot of the time these animals are only money and nothing else to the people who run these places.

Sorry if this upsets a few of you, I get upset when I see this sort of thing, but we can't turn a blind eye to it. It happens and until some law is passed making sure that ALL the animals in these stores are well looked after in conjuction with animal welfare I'll be dead against it.
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Lots of pet shops will only sell baby animals, once they get to adulthood or near adulthood BuNNs right, they 'disappear'. Even as a small child I knew something wasn't quite right when there were only cute babies (hamsters rabbits, whatever), and no big ones.

I won't look at animals in pet shops, I hate the thought of an animal 'shop' however you wrap it up nicely.

If it is a welfare society showing the animals it has up for display then that is different, especially if the area is supervised.

But I hve to agree. I'm drawn to the animals that have no chance of ever finding a home. My poor Ferdy has FIV (but currently fit and healthy and strong), if I gave him away he'd end up being destroyed (that's what the vet WANTED us to do). I couldn't have let that happen. So we kept him, scars, illness and all.
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I can relate. I went to our local animal shelter web site. They have animal "personals". I saw the cutest little girl. I begged and pleaded to my boyfriend that we needed to have another "baby". He said no no no no no! It is so tempting to get another. Last night I told him he can move out! I'm going to go get her if she's still there. I understand about the older less than perfect pets. Some people are so shallow! The funny thing is they are the best ones! They are beautiful on the inside!
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Thanks for the clarification. We bought at puppy from a pet store once, and will never do that again. We didn't know about puppy and kitten mills then. I just wondered of there was something I was missing about PetSmart. I would not choose to support stores that have animals in their inventory. I will support stores that let the animal welfare groups use them to showcase their work, take donations, and provide pets for adoption. That is the case at our local PetSmart - the first and largest display at the front door of the store is for donation to the local SPCA.
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I would only buy from a pet store for one reason only, and that is to rescue the pet. Ya, ya, ya, you are supporting a pet store in away, but you are giving that pet a chance to live a happy life. Most pet stores, IMO, dont keep the puppies healthy. If a puppy has a pot belly, it most likely has worms. I would know because of experience.
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I can't speak for all Petsmarts, but the one I go to only sells fish and reptiles. The reptiles never look overcrowded or unhealthy. I've never seen more than 2 in a tank. They don't sell fuzzies, they only have adoptions for the rescue groups.

We bought Trent from a pet store, like others before I was educated about them. I don't know how they treat it, but I know the pet store we got Trent from takes in unwanted litters of mixed puppies and kitties. I probably don't want to know....
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