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Looking for Persian/Persian Mix rescues on Long Island

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I'm looking for Persian rescues on Long Island who would consider taking a persian mix stray that comes by my house, all I have found are shelters who have persians and other cats, but i'm looking for a rescue who is looking specifically for persians and persian mixes.

He was abandoned here (with Audrey the cat I posted about a while ago that got adopted) They were brother and sister and after Audrey got adopted he is now left all alone with no companion, being he is a male he is constantly being chased away by other males, so he's having a tough life right now all on his own.

Another concern is that he hangs out in my neighbors yard alot, why I dont know. But they hate cats and own a dog, so when the dog starts barking up a storm and the cat sits there by the fence so the dog cant reach him, the dog gets angry and my neighbors get angry also because this cat wont run away, and the longer he is around, the more i'm sure there going to want to find a way to get rid of this cat, and I dont want him hurt.

Audrey got adopted, but because her brother is shy (plus the fact I dont have nearly enough money to get all the testing/neutering done) I have no good plan for finding him a home even though he deserves one for being abandoned.

I was hoping there would be a rescue that could take him off my hands for mabye a fee like $30 as a donation from me for taking him in, being I have almost no money for blood tests,neutering,grooming,etc...

He wont let me pet him, but he sits in the yard and watches me if he is around, and isnt afraid of dogs apparently. So he would need fostering most likely, but being he DID live in someones home at least a year ago, we know he had socialization with people, and being his sister was so darn friendly with everyone, that gives a good indication that with time he will adjust well to living in a house with people.

Here is a picture of him (it was raining at the time). His coat is very well taken care of, and he is a good weight so he looks pretty healthy. His only problems are he gets beat up by the other male cats despite his large size.

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OMG He looks so much like my Patch the resemblance is uncanny..
Oh If You were in the Uk I know someone who would snap him up in a second..
she's been after my Beanie for ages

I'll see if I can find a pic of Patch so you can see Kieth
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Well here he is My little patch Don't you think they are Identicle?

Oh I really hope somebody comes forward for your little boy he deserves a good home I wish I were nearer

Is there anybody on long Island that would love to give a home to Keithp's little one?
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Except for the left side of his face where its white instead of black, they do look identical!
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The only thing I can find on the internet is this:


Hope this helps Also, I guess you could try giving it away on craigslist.org or bringing him to a no-kill animal shelter??? Keep us updated!
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I'll send them a message and see what happens.
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I really wouldn't advertise him for 'free' because there are some people who might
want him so they can feed him to a snake or dog baiting or something
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I contacted that persian rescue on long island, and got a reply. And this is after telling the rescue I have very little money, and I could give them $30 if they would keep the cat to put up for adoption.

The person said:

"Keith where are you located?
I don't think this cat is a Persian, though maybe a Persian mix, but I would like to see if I can help you."

Fingers crossed that mabye they would like to find this guy a home.

Another update. The rescue is in Buffalo NY, so they cant take him in because its too far.
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