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Toby the Terror

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I'm fairly new here and I've done some fostering too. Right now I'm about to adopt a mama cat that I fostered several months ago.

I do have a cute story about a black kitten named Toby that I was fostering about a year ago. He was found in a dumpster at 5 days old and the lady that found him nursed him back to health and turned him over to the pet adoption agency. I was chosen to foster the little critter. I got him when he was about 10 weeks old and he was a fiesty one. He liked to play, sometimes a bit rough so I played along. He immediatley took to his new foster home and me and really began to hate pet adoptin day that was held on Saturdays. Every Saturday he's grow more angry and even bite me for taking him there. He would literally throw a fit in his adoption cage. I would talk to him and tell him to smile pretty and behave, but it didn't work. They had to put boards between his cage to keep him from starting fights with the other cats. He really was a sweet kitten though, he just played rough. Well, I guess he was possessive over me because my friends were scared to come into my apartment, because he would attack. But he's just a kitten, so misunderstood.

Personally, I didn't think he'd ever get adopted with his little attitude. After 2.5 months of fostering, pet adoption called and said that Toby was adopted. My jaw dropped open! They said that he was quite upset, foaming at the mouth and hyperventilating. He was just upset and nervous.

A few weeks later I went into pet adoption to look for another kitty to foster and the lady said that Toby came back. I said, "Oh no...they returned him?!" The lady said no, the he had to go back through the organization to get "fixed". She also told me that every nurse in the vet got bit at least once by Toby. LOL The new owners of Toby say that he calmed down and that he's a sweet, loving kitten.

I just thought it was cute because I have never heard of a cat getting so upset over being adopted.
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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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Sounds like Toby thought he had already found his Mommy. Glad the story has a happy ending with his new furrever family.
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Aww bless him!! He didn't want to leave you!! Too cute!! (though I'm sure the vet nurses were'nt too fond of him at the time!! :laughing: ) Glad he's settled in his new home now though
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Found some pictures of the little rascal.
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He looks so innocent...
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OMG!!! THat is SOOOOO adorable!!!
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He's a little stunner. Doesn't look like he'd bite anyone.

Glad he's got a great new home now!
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AW! What a cute little face and bright eyes.
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Aww, what a sweetie. It is hard to beleive that a cat would go through all that to stay with someone, hard to adjust to new surroundings I guess. Well good for him!
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