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Daily Thread for Sunday April 29th

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My goodness...its Sunday already. The weekend is almost over. Again, I see I am up before anyone else..LOL. Of course I would not expect to see anyone on Pacific time up yet. 6am on Sunday is a little too early for me, but I have to get back up to Hartford today. Its my own fault I am up early. I choose to get up this early to get my house picked up before I go anywhere. Hopefully I am home at a decent hour tonight!! I would like to sit up here and relax before I have to face Monday!! Wish Rene luck in adopting the rest of her kitties today!!
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Sandie, you are amazing, because for me, if it comes down to sleep, or picking up the house, well sleep wins everytime!

I'm just sitting here watching the kitties play with each other. they are SO active & nothing like the 2 shy girls I brought home from the shelter.

The police auction was pretty cool. the literally had something like 200 bikes. ranging from kids to mountain bikes. one guy got 2 kids bikes & a preteen bike for $5. and they were in decent shape. a lot of $150-$200 bikes went for about $20. it was crazy. they also had cds, car radios, tons of disney movies, tons of books, a video camera, a couple computers, a printer, a bunch of watches, cell phones,tools, oakley sunglasses and a bunch of stuff still in the package.

going to have lunch with a friend & then catch a movie.

bye-bye weekend
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Yeah the weekend has gone by too quickly. But I did have a good Dim Sum Sunday Lunch.

Hope everyone has a good week.
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I'm trying to piece things together again. I'm so angry with myself for not having a backup copy of my emails! I do have backups for most the files (more or less... it was made 2 months ago when we moved into the new house). It just never occured to me to backup my Outlook express! I kept all the confirmation emails from my server and other web services and now I have to find all the passwords again and to reconstruct my favorites folder (it was huge!).

I spent the morning in denial, posting away in the forums, but I promise you that next week's updates will include everything (and 2 new articles!).
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The best part of my Sunday has not begun yet. . . . Dorothy and Aidan will come over for dinner after church about 1:00 pm. I think we will have spaghetti (again? what can I say, everyone loves it and it is inexpensive to make)maybe a green salad and some hot bread with garlic rub. Anyway the best part is baby Aidan!
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Yeah, yeah! I know. It's Monday already, so what am I doing here? I'll try to be on time tomorrow. Or, is that today? I'm going to bed.

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