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Tornado....umm yikes!!

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I am talking to DH on the phone while hes driving to work, and he is seeing a funnel cloud right now! I would be soooooo scared!!! *YIKES*

I hope to gosh it stays far away from here.....

Just one thing I HATE about spring/summer!!

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that sounds so scary!Best of luck.Glad we dont get them here
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eek! make sure he stays safe and gets out of that truck and into a ditch/shelter if it gets any closer!!! i hate tornado season!
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In our part of the country, that just means it's time to pul out the cameras and video cameras. Climb on the roofs and balconies.
But then, it isn't considered a real tornado until it reaches F6.
Crazy people.

Stay safe.
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Eek!! They freak me out- thats the one thing I hate about this time of year
Give me a snowstorm ANY day over a thunderstorm and tornado!
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Yikes, I hate bad storms and funnels!! Everyone stay safe..
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The storm that passed by you is about to hit our area in about 10 minutes. Time to speed surf TCS and turn off the 'puter!!
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Man that must be so scary!!! If we ever get tornadoes they are usually small, and not very common.....I think I would be pertified if I ever saw one, stay safe for all of you guys/gals that do get them!!!
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He said it went down and then back up-thankfully!! We never did get any bad storms, just rain and more rain!! Very tired of it......
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Phew that was lucky!! I wish we could get more rain, we have been in a drought for years now when we get rain its usually only a few mms and then thats it for a week or 2....I'm praying that the drought will break eventually...
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OMG I was totally thinking of this thread 20 minutes ago. There is a lot of lightening tonight and then it started to HAIL! I opened the blinds so I can see the sky. Oh I hate tornadoes.
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There were like 200 tornados over the weekend, YIKES!
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I hope it doesnt go anywhere near you...I def dont miss living in Kansas. My dad was in the army so we moved around alot. We lived in Fort Leavenworth and only had a couple of warnings but never an actual tornado touch down near us.
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Stay safe everyone!

We rarely get tornadoes in Ontario, and almost never in Toronto, so I feel extremely lucky to live where I live.
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