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Hamster adventures

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When our family hamster Cody was around, we would always say that he had 9 lives. This is because throughout the 4 years that we had him, my two cats would always find a way to knock his cage down and send him wandering aimlessly around the house. Even though we kept the door closed after we learned a lesson, they would still find a way to go in the room where we kept Cody. They were friends though, they would kiss each other through his cage and Cody would always be excited when seeing them.
Here is one of the many experiences when Cody escaped from his cage-

Somehow, my youngest boy Rocko managed to get into the room with the hamster and jump up onto the shelf. He was just doing as he would always do, swiping curiously at the cage with his paw until he knocked it down and of course the cage smashed to pieces, things were everywhere. Everyone in the house heard the crash so we all went to see what happened, and of course, the cage was knocked over...this was nothing new, it was now time to look for Cody. Everyone was searching around the house like maniacs.[ he was a dwarf hamster=very hard to get hold of/find] Finally, we see Rocko running with Cody in his mouth, just like a mother cat would carry her kittens! Rocko bought Cody to me and set him down into my hands and of course we showered him with treats and toys. This is just one of the many crazy experiences we've had involving Cody and my cats, I'm glad I got to share it with you!
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That's amazing! I have never heard of that before! My black bear hamster is very smart! When I would take her to my parent's bed she would run across the middle like it was a war zone! Trying to keep away from the cats!
One night I heard something fall, and I knew I should have gotten up to check but I didn't. After a few more mins I did. Well, her cage sits high up on my desk and she managed to pop the little seal out. She climb out of her cage, fell on my 3 drawer storage bin and then on the floor! I don't know how she didn't break her neck. She was all the way in the bathroom!!
So I'm never amazed at what she can do.
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Hamsters are amazingly resilient.
I had an OLD hamster who was stepped on not once but twice (the old girl was something of an escape artist and had an unfortunate attraction to people's feet), convincing me both times that she was dead and gone. A few minutes, though, and she was back on her feet like nothing had happened. I swear she just liked scaring me.
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Lucky you! and hamster too. My two (Ling and Charlie) would NOT be so kind....hamster would not be breathing!
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