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When can I...?

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Saphira is my momma cat and she is very dirty around her paws and anal and tail areas I want to give her a bath and clean her up but her kittens are only one week old...When would it be a good time to bathe her??
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for now i would either use a damp wash cloth or as someone suggested to me use a baby wipe.
when the kittens snuggle with her they will get damp so i would wait a little while before you bath her.
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It is OK to bathe mumcat if you don't take too much time and you dry her off really, really well afterwards. If you have a hairdryer, you can blow dry her with the hair dryer set on low, as long as it doesn't stress her out too much.
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You can give her a quick bath. Just be sure she is kept out of drafts. I'd keep her in the bathroom till dry. If she's longhair - use the blow dryer on her.

Some nice warmed towels to dry off will help speed up her getting dry. The kittens should be fine for about an hour while you bath and dry her. She should be pretty much dry before letting her back with the kittens. You don't want them to get damp or chilled by her wet fur.
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i never thought to use a hair dryer on a low setting to help dry them of. thanx i will have to remember this in the future , alls i ever did was warm some towls in the dryer then have someone with them ready for after there baths.
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