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for the last three days or so Neko has decided it would be best to poop next to the litter box. I think he's doing that one because it is not as clean as he would like (I'll fix that) or two because it is now under a desk in a nook so he may be having trouble telling the difference between the litter box and the floor since they are both boxed in by the desk.

well today he also had diarrhea (I think it was him, I could be wrong though). There was a normal poop next to the box, a normal poop in the box, a slightly mushy poop in the box and a pile of diarrhea in the box. There was also a small piece of solid poop in the next room. The only thing that is changing is that there is wet food in their diet. Do you think that caused it?
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if they havnt been used to the wet food then this is probley the cause. it should be fine in a day or so , keep an eye on them all.
the pooping outside of the litter box is 1 , maybe the box is in to tight a space to always get to , and 2 as you said a bit dirty. how many cats do you have sharing a box? it should be roughly 1 box per cat , but i have 11 cats at the moment and have 7 boxs. 4 in the hallway , 1 in the living room ( yes i know yukk) but i have cat who will only use the living room to toilet in. and 2 in the bedroom with fluffy , anne her 2 kittens and chloe.
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I'm not feeding the wet food everyday so do you think that is messing them up? I have two cats, I had two litter boxes for a while but they would not use both, just the one so we are not using both. I'll work on keeping it clean though so he goes back in. I just hope it has not become a habit.
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it will become a habit if you dont deal with it asap and keep to it. maybe try the second box again even if you put it right next to the other one?
with the wet food , a lot of people only put there animals on dry food and have wet food as a treat so i wouldnt see this as a problem , i only advise using just dry food if your cats are big drinkers as it can cause bladder problems if they dont drink enough , with wet food a lot of it is water, so they wouldnt need to drink as much.
what brand of wet food do you feed them every now and then?
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we just started because we don't want anything bad to happen with bladders, kidneys and urinary tract, thanks to this forum I know how much better it is now. I am trying to feed it twice a week. I'd love to do more but dad says it's too expensive. I'm feeding felidae which is the same as their dry food. I'm not giving the chicken and rice one since they don't like it but they like this other one with the multiple meats.
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I just realized this is in the wrong section, sorry! you can move it if you want .
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what i will do is ask one of the mods to move this to the health section you might get a bit more advise there.
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After only eating dry food, wet can and does cause diarrhoea. Perhaps give smaller amounts and see if that helps. As for the litter box, I second the idea of bring back the second litter box and putting it somewhere other than under your desk.
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