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Thursday DT

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Yesterday was sure an interesting day at work to say the least. We had a major blowup with the IT guy. He forgot about a lunch meeting he scheduled, and half the office didn't bring their lunch. This isn't the first time it has happened, and it all hit the fan. In a way it was cathartic for the office...after he left at 2:30 in a huff because someone called him on it, everyone was almost giddy. Interesting how office dynamics work.

I just haven't felt like working at all this week. I should be doing something productive, I just don't feel like it.

Hope everyone else is being better this week than me!
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Oh office politics - I hate it. Glad I am at home.

I have 2 sick babies now, one is 10 months old and the other is 30years old. Both were throwing up last night, but getting better today. Just miserable, so we have spent the whole day lazing in the TV room.

Tomorrow my inlaws arrive for 2 week stay. Mmmmmmm that should be fun.
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I'm in the same mode here at work, Heidi... so much to do, but not a darn thing I really want to tackle. I've been neglecting everything. I know it's going to catch up to me again... but right now I just don't care!

I want to go to the new mall there in Denver!!! I just don't know when I'm going to get a chance to make it over that way. I also want to try to catch The Nutcracker... heard about it on one of the Denver tv stations, but can't remember where the production is. (Help me out here, Heidi! LOL!) Of course, even if I can get tickets the next trick would be dragging the S/O kicking and screaming TO the show.

Hope everyone has a happy Thursday!
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Another lazy day, here. All of the critters have been zonked out, all day.

Green chile burros and frijoles, for dinner tonight. Good thing, that Bill and I only have to live with each other!
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Well - I have managed to drop in at the site for about a total of 30 minutes today! That is not enough. Today I am covering for 3 other people. Let's just say it is keeping me busy. I have the day off tomorrow. I have to go get some blood work done and hopefully get in to see Harry Potter. They have said that there is no release date set for the new book - it keeps being delayed. She got married and pregnant and now she doesn't have time to write. Boohoo.

I hope everyone has a good day and i will try to check in over the next few days!
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Jin, I think you are talking about the annual Colorado Ballet Nutcracker. Here is a link to the Colorado Ballet website with the info on it. The Aspen Ballet is also doing a performance of it from December 26-29. That's probably closer to you, but wouldn't give you the extra incentive to come over to Denver. They are at www.aspenballet.com but the website doesn't give a whole lot of info.

I'm really excited about the new mall. It's not that far from where I live, so I think it will probably be our new haunt. For anyone interested, the website is www.coloradomills.com. We are going to try to go tomorrow or this weekend. I may have to work tomorrow afternoon if my supervisor's daughter is still sick, and that's when we had planned to go. (But I can't say no to overtime! )
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Yes, that's it, Heidi! Thank you! Now I just have to pick a weekend.
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