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Fascinating online study....

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Thread Starter is a real study, that is also a quiz. The study is being done by Liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool Hope. It is to test for ESP and knowledge of the paranormal.

Try it! You will be adding to the world of research.

My ESP score was 3 (average=5)
Knowledge score was 15 (very good)
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Esp 3
Knowledge 10
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That was really hard!

ESP score of 7
Knowledge 10.

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My esp score was 5 and knowledge 12.

I don't think a test over the internet really is a valid measurement of esp, regardless of if it is real or not.

ETA I got the difficult test, though I don't know the difference.
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Well, I'm not at all psychic (which I'm not sure I believe anyway) but at least I'm smart!
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My esp score was 5 (average)
My knowledge score was 9 (average)
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OOf! ESP score:8 (5 is average)
Knowledge score:11 - average
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ESP - 7
Knowledge 12
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ESP was 4
Knowledge was 15.

I can't tell you your future, but at least I'm smart
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ESP: 11
Knowledge: 9


ETA: That was the difficult test by the way
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ESP - 5 (with the EASY test)

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ESP = 7
Knowledge = 9
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Obviously, even though I do believe in esp, I have none!
I scored 2 on esp and 14 on knowledge. (And I am sure that is because I
have an interest in esp, astrology, etc)
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ok, the 1st time, i didn't do the whole test but the 2nd time i got: esp, 5; knowledge 14.
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Wow that test gave me a headache. For some reason part 2 was really jumping out at me. I got 5 & 7.
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ESP score 4 (average 5)
No evidence of ESP (not statistically significant)
Knowledge score 13 (Good)

Does this mean I have no powers? boohoo!! Hey, but I'm kinda smart, so that works
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My ESP score was 9 (average=5)
Knowledge score was 9
Said it was not significant and that I didn't show any ESP.
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ESP - 6
Knowledge - 9

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I took the hard test
ESP 10, which shows moderate ESP
Knowledge 12, "good"

I don't think it's ESP, though.
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2 esp
7 knowledge
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ESP - 5
Knowledge - 18
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ESP = 8
Knowledge = 17
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Esp 6
No evidence of esp
Knowledge 10

Whenever I think of ESP the words "Extra Sensory Peanuts" comes into my head thanks to a Mad Libs game from a few years back.
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Am I the only one with more ESP than knowledge?
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