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kitten/cat riding on my back!

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Hello! I have adopted 2 3-weeks old black kittens last May after my beloved cat Sunni was put to sleep to keep my other cat, Zebra, company during the day. Reason why I got these so young is because a boy found these 2 in a park and took them away so no one knows where the mother cat is so the boy gave the kittens to a vet and that's how I found them. Anyway....

Both Spike and Buddy (especially Buddy) ALWAYS have to ride on my back or shoulder no matter what time or where I am in my apartment. I was curious if other owners experiences this??

I don't mind most of the time but it can be a pain in the butt sometimes because having one of them on my shoulder hinders me in doing some things like cooking or brushing hair. Sometimes both likes to be on my back and would start having a wrestling match on my back!

At the beginning, it was PAINFUL because Buddy and Spike would claw their way up my legs, butt and back to get to my shoulder and shredding my legs and back to pieces while I'd scream bloody murder. Many people thought I had a fall while hiking and that's how my legs got all scratched up. They couldn't believe kittens could do that! I tried to disencourage them from doing this with no success. I would try to pull them off (they'd dig their claws in deeper), shake them off (digging claws again), press against the wall (digging claws moving up to head) so I have given up and accepted letting them ride on my back or shoulder so I'd not suffer! !

Now since they are growing bigger and have learned to jump high, they now jumps directly onto my back or shoulder from the floor even when I'm walking so I have a lot less scratches most of the time. (WHEW) But I sure get scared sometimes when I am walking somewhere at home and all of a sudden feel this weight hitting my back or shoulder out of the blue before realizing it is Buddy or Spike!

Anyway, I would love to hear from others who experiences having cats ride on their shoulders/backs
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Mine don't but I have heard that Russian Blues are known to love to ride their people like yours do.

Kitties are such silly critters.
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My Barney likes to ride on my back. When he was a kitten, he would try to climb up there or jump onto my back if he could (and that can be a problem -- ouch!). Now, he still likes to ride my back, but doesn't climb up there. I think my high-pitched "OUCH" every time he tried as a kitten cured that habit -- sort of like what you would do if they bite or scratch your hand. Now, he loves to do it if invited or when I pick him up (he will squirm his way onto my back). He loves horsey-rides too (I know ... weird). He always hops off when I ask him too though and he's much more considerate about the claws now.
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As you can tell from my Username, I picked up a Russian Blue named Nakita at the beginning of October. And yes, most cats like heights but Russian Blues are well known for their love of shoulder riding.

Her breeder always had her on her shoulders. Then when I brought her home after an exhausting car trip, the first think Nakita did was crawl up my leg and onto my shoulders.

She is 5 months old now and as she is getting older she is reducing the amount she wants on my shoulders. I guess I was lucky but Nakita never "dug" her nails into me, instead she would try to "paw" her way up my leg!

So my experience with Nakita "the shoulder rider" has been a less painful experience than your own!
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In the morning when I'm in the bathroom - face in the mirror - one of my kitties jumps up my back onto my shoulder. It's cute - but not when I'm running late for work!
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Both my cats, as kittens, were "parrot" cats. Now I just have to be aware that a cat may jump onto my back if I'm bending over. The neighbours think it is funny seeing me weeding the garden with a cat balancing on my back...
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My black cat, Dani, doesn't like to be picked up nor wants to ride on my back but she will walk across my back or my butt whenever I sleep on my stomach. She's so strange.

mom to Dani Night Stalker
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Our russian blue, Nik, is a shoulder rider - usually only on my husband, I think my hair gets in his way.

He, too, did the full claw climb up the leg and back, but as he is getting older he's becoming quite a jumper, so usually goes straight for the shoulders.

His balance is also a lot better now than when he was really small, so it isn't as bad. It does take two of us to remove him though, once he's there. And he does that Look. And then jumps straight back up there!

I think it's cute - but I don't know how I'd deal with 2 at once!!

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