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Ah its nice outside!

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Sitting on my deck with my laptop outside its nice! sunny with a slight breeze. Onlty thing i dont like is people doig some kind of noisey stuff on either side of me. *LOL* but ah well..still worth it to sit outside in the nice sunshine i think
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It's not quite as nice as yesterday. Yesterday was windier, though. It's sorta a trade off.

I want a laptop now!
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Lucky you - it is overcast and drizzily here. I am sure the storm will start as soon as I leave work to catch the bus home!
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Your lucky. It's rainy here. It's supposed to storm here tonight (again).
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aw it stormed here last night and now its nice out. Yippie.
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It is nice today here too. A little hot but the sun is shining!
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Hello you lot,
Its lovely and sunny and warm in little old England for a change. Got day off tomorrow, so think I'm gonna do my grooming outside in the sunshine. Just take one cat out at a time and they will go crazy in the fresh air. Because they are all indoor cats they're not used to it. Will be a real treat for them.
Saynamore Persians
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Its nice out here too- nicer than yesterday! It stormed all day yesterday and was super chilly Today was 75* and GORGEOUS!
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It is now sunny here too, after rain all night and some of today..I just came in from being out for a short time with the dogs..
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It was a pretty nice day here, sunny and high 80s, but the heat was a bit too much for me. We're supposed to get storms tonight though, so we'll have tons of mud to deal with tomorrow
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