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Testing Raw...

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In lieu of all the food scares going on, and since EVO gets expensive (especially with the two new bottomless pits!), DH and I are considering giving at least a partial raw diet. We tried it out with a chicken heart and chicken liver, just to see if they would like it.

As expected, Duke turned his nose up at it. If it ain't Friskies (or ice cream) he'll have none of it. Dreamer sniffed at it and licked it a bit, but she didn't have much time because Ares snatched it up and ran into the living room with the heart! Did I mention we have carpet in the living room? Anyway, after chasing him back into the kitchen, he scarfed the stuff! He absolutely loved it! I was really surprised.

If there is ever a time where Ares and Dreamer are indifferent to the world around them, its when they are eating. They don't make a peep, just nudge each other from bowl to bowl (I have to put out two of the double bowls with each compartment filled with food, otherwise Duke would starve!) Ares actually growled at his sister a few times, warning her to keep away from his food!

I may have to be a little more crafty with Duke...

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Try it on a reg plate... mine eat raw far better off a dessert plate than a bowl ... also you may want to get something other than plastic as it can habor bacteria /.///
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They're gorgeous. I'm glad Ares was a team player.

FWIW, I still can't get mine interested in straight liver, or heart, or gizzards ...but they'll eat it ground up in the mix.
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I just feed Damita straight off the linoleum floor. Then I clean the floor with vinegar water.
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I occasionally give my cat (Augustus) raw chicken. He seemed to get excited about it like it was a long awaited surprise. I usually steer away from give him raw food though since he likes taking his food out of his bowl and I have carpet and I defiantly don’t want raw food on my carpet. I’ve been meaning to get some rubber floor mats/and or place mats.

Recently-I opt for a quicker solution which was placing newspaper down. Which ended up distracting him from eating because of the noise it made as he walked across it-it just turned into this BIG game!
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